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Batman Beyond 2.0

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Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 3 is here! Kyle Higgins, the masterful Nightwing Scribe continues writing a great tale in the Beyond Universe, and gives us some damn fine storytelling.! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!!! I simply can’t ignore a few story points. Plus no clue when we’ll get to this inside The Pull Bag!

Before I start I have to comment on something Gotham Spoilers said in their review of the first two chapters of this digital first series.

Here’s what I will be responding to:

“A little info before we start, I don’t like making full posts about the ten page digital chapters DC publishes, unless they’re essentially one shots. This is because they’re usually only part of what would be considered a full issue, and it’s sort of unfair to judge them in an incomplete state”

I understand what they are saying there, but as a first time digital reader, specifically only Batman Beyond 2.0, I love the single chapter stories. I love writing the reviews for each chapter. The reason why I disagree with GS is that they say the single chapters are incomplete and that there is a larger story. While that may be true, there’s always a good thing in smaller doses. The way that DC is doing these digi chapters, I think is awesome. They give us ten pages of great story, then leave us wanting more! I will not speak to anything other than Bat Beyond 2.0, but I’m loving this give a little bit then wait. There are some comics, where I feel that they can be too long. So I believe that with these digital firsts it’s great having them in smaller doses. I can so write up a damn good review about ten pages! Plus there’s NO ADS!!!! OK now I’ll get off my soapbox, let’s head to Neo Gotham.

Rewired Part 4 of 8: “Mass Exodus”

BBU #3 Title

With the breakout last issue, we follow Terry as Batman attempting to corral all the escaped inmates of the Arkham Institute.

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Holy crap Kyle Higgins rocks this series on the writing every single issue!!! I know, I know it’s only had three chapters, but they are all very powerful. Between the Batman action scenes, and the character building scenes, it seems that Mr. Higgins is really enjoying writing this new Beyond Universe story. I love the interactions between Dick Grayson and Terry, as well as what we see between Bruce and Dick in this. I feel as if they could bring the animated series back with the stories Kyle is writing here!!!!

BBU #3 Page 2

That being said, I did have one slightly… OH HELL NO…. HE BETTER NOT… moment. That was when Commissioner Gordon was talking with the new Mayor elect. I know I need to be patient, and see where the story leads, but holy hell if Barbara isn’t the commish anymore…. I’ll freak out! Other than that I love the mystery behind this new villain, and it keeps me coming back for more every time a new chapter is released.

BBU #3 Page 3


BBU #3 Page 4

Thony Silas is still blowing my mind with his art in this series. This is the first time I’ve seen his syuff, and holy crap you can so tell he loves this Universe. He takes care to craft the design of Neo Gotham, adding in stuff we might have missed in the cartoon series. I just wanna see the Batmobile in action now please!!!!!!!! In my eyes Thony has really brought the Bat Beyond Universe back to life. It makes me wish the cartoon series was still going after seeing his awesome art.

Final Thoughts/Rating:

BBU #3 Page 5

My final thought is STOP READING THIS, if you haven’t already, and go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 3. You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics.


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