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Batman Beyond 2.0

BBU #6 Cover

Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 6 is here! Kyle Higgins, the masterful Nightwing Scribe continues writing a great tale in the Beyond Universe, and this time he pays off just how he turned the Animated universe on it’s head! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

LOVE the new cover for the digital editions. Very awesome!!!! This honestly is amongst my top 4 most anticipated comics every two Saturdays a month. The Beyond Universe is expanding thanks to Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas. It is so damn awesome!!!!! Anyone who grew up watching Batman Beyond should be reading this comic!

Rewired Part 6 of 8: “Family Values”

BBU #6 Title

REWIRE REVEALED! This issue explores two storylines, the fight between ReWire, Batman, and the GCPD, and then Barbara’s investigation into why all this is happening! Really love that action title page above, very awesome!!! I gotta say I love reading this series digitally, moreso than in print. I still pick up the print copy, but the digi copy is freakin’ awesome.

BBU #6 Page 1


Kyle Higgins continues to craft a masterful Bat story. Here in Part 6, we find out what the mayor was up to, and we see Rewire’s fatal flaw! There is so much more going on with Rewire than what we are shown twice a month. I love how Higgins is writing this comic. Everything about it rocks. From the fact that there are almost no monologues, to the development of the characters, and so much more. These digital releases really kill me more than reading it in print, because the writing is so damn good, it makes me want more and more after every read! At first when I started reading this I was like hey a old Nightwing issue, because we see what is going on with Dick Grayson. I also was kinda shocked as to what happens to Terry and where he ends up.

BBU #6 Page 2

There aren’t enough positive words to convey how awesome the writing is in this series. Very fast paced, both in writing the expositional scenes and the action scenes as well. It drives me crazy waiting to see more of this story. HURRY UP AND GET HERE already.


BBU #6 Page 3

Thony Silas continues to excel in drawing these characters, this city, and this universe. The explosions well… they explode off the page! The details in every single character’s features is amazing. I love the designs on Rewire, Spellbinder, Shriek, and the others. All are very fluid, streamlined, and awesome!!!!One thing that I’m hoping to see in future issues is the Batmobile, I can’t wait to see what Thony’s design style for it will be.

BBU #6 Page 4

I mentioned the character designs, look at the image of Barbara Gordon above, and tell me you wouldn’t be afraid of her. That image shows just how badass Batgirl is young or old. Plus the image below, look at the batsuit, and tell me that isn’t amazing as far as being a damaged suit. It always surprises me how Silas will take something from the animated series and tweak it a bit to fit his style. It’s just simply awe-inspiring to see this universe handled so well.

Final Thoughts/Rating:

BBU #6 Page 5

My final thought is STOP READING THIS, if you haven’t already, and go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 6. You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to be perfect, and I doubt I’ll ever rate it lower, because it’s Beyond Awesome!!!


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