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Batman Beyond 2.0

BBU #7 Cover

Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 7 is here! Kyle Higgins, the masterful Nightwing Scribe continues writing a great tale in the Beyond Universe, and this time we see just how, and who helped Terry survive! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

LOVE the new cover for the digital editions. Very awesome!!!! This honestly is amongst my top 4 most anticipated comics every two Saturdays a month. The Beyond Universe is expanding thanks to Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas. It is so damn awesome!!!!! Anyone who grew up watching Batman Beyond should be reading this comic!

Rewired Part 7 of 8: “Shock Therapy”

BBU #7 Title

SHOCK THERAPY! Continuing the arc of two ongoing storylines, this time we see where Terry ended up, and just what the hell is going on with Rewire. Really love that action title page above, very awesome!!! I gotta say I love reading this series digitally, moreso than in print. I still pick up the print copy, but the digi copy is freakin’ awesome.

BBU #7 Page 1


Kyle Higgins continues to rock it in the Bat Beyond Universe!!! I swear we need a Batman Beyond cartoon again! These further adventures of Terry, Dick, Bruce, and the rest of the Bat Beyond cast are amazing. Kyle writes in NEW elements that we haven’t seen before, as he builds his own story based of the existing continuity. Sure Davis Dusk is a kid with daddy issues, but so was Bruce Wayne! Granted Bruce went the other way in his wanting to stomp out the criminal element in Gotham. However you get the analogy.

BBU #7 Page 2

The way Kyle treats EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. is just awesome! Within this chapter we see more of Rewire’s process of getting his powers, and we see that the GCPD under Barbara Gordon’s command are alot more Bat friendly. I’d go so far as to say they are more friendly towards the Bat Family, than when her father was Commissioner. The one thing I’m really enjoying in Kyle’s writing here is the relationship Terry and Grayson have. Bruce is the legend, the teacher, the one who puts people on the path to being ble to fight in “his war”. Yet Dick Grayson is the every man character, wherein a lot of people can relate to him in one way or another. This means that not only can he be Terry’s teacher, he can also be his friend. Something Bruce rarely does with anyone.


BBU #7 Page 3

Thony Silas is a masterful artist. He takes such great care with these characters and setting. I freakin’ love the designs on the BatCave, and how Thony is able to put his own touches on the items within it. Again the backgrounds are eye catching, and the character designs are very Neo-Gotham. I soooo wish this was a new animated series! Just how Thony draws Terry and Dik having that “hey I’m trying to help you here” moment is great. The design on Ghoul is super freaky, but awesome looking, and Rewire has some streamlined costuming as well. Overall everything about the art is amazing!!!

BBU #7 Page 4

It’s very interesting to see in these stories the angles of certain objects or characters. I especially love the design on Batman as he flies away from the Manor! The police cars are awesome in this as well, they aren’t exactly what was in the cartoon series, but that’s ok. I figure I can cut Thony some slack. After all he is doing a wonderful job!

Final Thoughts/Rating:

BBU #7 Page 5

My final thought is STOP READING THIS, if you haven’t already, and go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 7. You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to be perfect, and I doubt I’ll ever rate it lower, because it’s Beyond Awesome!!!


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  1. I honestly think the Batman Beyond comics are better than the TV series was. This medium allows them to develop stories a lot better than a half-hour TV show could.

    1. While I’ll admit there are a few bad episodes of the cartoon series, overall I loved it. I’ll grant you that the digi-comic medium is a much more accessible way to tell stories. Plus you have people in charge of the creative that LOVE the source material, and they build on it. Thanks for checking out my review. We’ll be reviewing Bat Beyond in Legends of the Dark Knight starting at the beginning of 2014!!

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