Review of Batman Beyond (2015) #2

Batman Beyond (2015) #2

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Well Tim Drake is the new Batman Beyond! This month with Issue #2 Dan Jurgens continues Tim’s story in the dystopian future of Neo Gotham. Here’s my spoiler filled review of the issue!

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Two issues in, and I’m really hooked on this story. I just wish it would move a bit faster. Maybe it’s because this is a whole new and different Bat Beyond, but this issue, while action packed. It just felt like it drug out. I love everything with Tim and Barbara, but we really get no answers as to Brother Eye’s real plan. OK sure we know that the thing wants to process everyone and make them all slaves, but c’mon… what’s next after that? Oh and whilst I’m on general thoughts here…. I’m reading two titles written by Dan Jurgens. This and Bat-Mite! Reading these two titles together, back to back, or whatever… it’s like two sides of a coin.

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So Jurgens is really excelling at this title. He’s giving us a whole new avenue to roll down. At the same time he is re introducing us to characters we knew from the animated series. Like Inque she’s here in this issue as a hired gun for Brother Eye! I’m hoping we get more of her and less of Brother Eye overall. I do not fault Dan Jurgens for this, because it’s the way the character is. However I really hate how Brother Eye speaks. I mean Eye know what’s best for you…. Eye instead of I. UGH that’s gotten tiresome after only two issues. As the story progresses this issue is essentially RUN BATMAN RUN. Well actually Tim isn’t in the Batsuit til later, because last issue he drained the power fighting Superman. But you get the point, he Babs, and Max have to get away from Brother Eye. Sadly, or some people might say not sadly at all… Max gets captured. Brother Eye interrogates her, to find out everything she knows. Max fights back very well though. Sadly brother Eye in the end wins out. What I dig about Jurgens’s writing here is the chemistry between Tim and Barbara. Obviously this will never be a romantic thing, thank god, but it’s more of a brother sister thing. I love how Dan is writing their interactions.

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So we have Inque, we have Tim without the use of the Batsuit, and then we have all these Brother Eye robot things. Well as Barbara and Tim are running, they eventually have to try to fight these things. Tim gets a great idea and hooks his power source into one of them and BAM! Batman Beyond is back. What I think Dan Jurgens does well is the interactions between Tim and the ALFRED computer consciousness. The whole thing where A.L.F. tells Tim that Inque was Terry’s #1 enemy. That was just a funny exchange. I’m not going to spoil the end of the issue, because it’s quite a cliffhanger. Lets just say Issue #3 I am expecting a whole lot more from Jurgens.

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The team of Chang and Maidlo is amazing on this series. As someone who has never read or seen their work, this take on Batman Beyond artistically is so breathtaking. Backgrounds, colors, the pencil lines, everything that this art team does is awesome. It really brings a truly gritty take on a future Gotham. Almost reminds me of the Apocalypse Wars from Cable’s timeline in the 90s X-Men cartoon. Chang’s designs on the Batsuit are interesting, I just wish they were a bit more sleek. Sometimes at certain angles the thing looks like a very hard piece of rubber. The Batman beyond suit is supposed to look and feel like you are staring at a leather glove. What I can’t wait to see is if Chang Maidlo get to put the Bat Beyond Batmobile in. That’s gonna be the clincher or the breaking point for me. To see what that’ll look like.

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #2 of Batman Beyond was good, but my expectations are getting greater and greater for this series. I need to see more now!! Very much looking forward to issue #3 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Batman Beyond #2 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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Batman Beyond #2 from Jurgens and Chang is more story and action setting up the new series! If you wanna read a Bat Beyond story that has a fresh new take, yet a few familiar aspects. Well check this out.

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