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All right ladies and gentlemen here is the start of my slightly spoiler filled reviews of BATMAN: ETERNAL! The brief overviews will be the solicit copy that DC releases. I was stoked to get a preview of what will be going on in Batman Eternal… in the Batman ongoing issue #28. And now this year long event of Batman Eternal is here! I’ve not been this excited to read a Scott Snyder story since Court of Owls! 
Let me just say…. one of the BIGGEST reasons wWHY I’m super stoked to be reading this series is that it’s a WEEKLY series!!! The agony of waiting month to month on what will happen next in my favorite comics kills me sometimes. But waiting a week to continue the story… I see Bat Eternal as a weekly cartoon or TV series. I LOVE that about this year long event.


Issue #1

Brief Overview: Don’t dare miss the start of the Bat-story so big it’s going to take every week of the month to tell! A massive cast of Gotham City’s best (and worst) examines the relationship between Batman, his allies and his city. In this debut issue, Commissioner James Gordon is caught on the wrong side of the law!

Bat Eternal #1 Panel 1

Thoughts: The first issue takes you into the mystery of what the hell has happened in Gotham… for it to be the way that it is 5 years from now. I love Fabok’s art, and Snyder’s writing is awesome in this. I WISH this would be what we are getting in the monthly Batman ongoing. As I’ve said in the past… on many podcasts and social media…. NO MORE ORIGIN STORIES!!! Please!!!??? This gives me what I want FINALLY!!!! We begin the series with Gotham in shambles, and all out war is coming!!!! We will eventually see the return of Stephanie Brown.

For me I’ve very excited about that, because I have yet to read about her run as Batgirl. So the first issue of BE really got me hooked into it. It seems to have a Gotham Central feel. (YES I know I shouldn’t say that, as I haven’t read GC yet…), but I feel that I can make that statement, because it’s a well known fact of how much corruption is in the G.C.P.D.


Issue #2

Brief Overview: A notorious Batman adversary appears for the first time in The New 52 continuity!

Bat Eternal #2 Panel 2

Thoughts: With issue 2, we pick up right where number 1 left off!!First things first, I freakin’ love the cover. The silhouette of Batman with Gordon in cuffs almost makes it feel like Gordon is walking down a dark alley!!! I love the image above where we see the entire Bat Family…. looking at the news of Gordon’s arrest. A treat for me is seeing Luke Fox aka Batwing. I’m gonna be grabbing the Batwing trade where he starts his turn… can’t wait for that! As far as this issue goes great setup, and it’s gonna be interesting as the story continues. Plus we see the reveal of the villain… a man that hasn’t until now been in the New 52. So that was awesome!!!


Issue #3

Brief Overview: A gang war erupts in Gotham City, but the G.C.P.D. doesn’t plan to help Batman stop it. Plus: The return of a fan-favorite Batman supporting character: Stephanie Brown!

Bat Eternal #3 Panel 3

Thoughts: Once again the cover!!!!! The freakin’ Batmobile!!!! So awesome!!!!! So other than the Eternally awesome Batmobile design, this issue delves more into each of the characters. As well as their motivations. We see what the Mayor, Maj. Forbes and the bad guys are up to, we see the current status of Stephanie Brown. We see that Bard who is the new recruit to the GCPD really want to figure out the whole story. not just what Forbes is telling him. Issue 3 was more great setup, and continues the mystery of the entire plot without giving it away too early.  I still am clueless as to what the hell is going on. And honestly I like it that way, because I know Synder and the other writers will reveal the plot as they go along.


Issue #4

Brief Overview: Batman battles Batgirl as Jim Gordon’s troubles take a turn for the worse!

Bat Eternal #4 Panel 4

Thoughts: It’s Batman vs Batgirl…. FIGHT! See the image above here…? I swear that’s an homage to Arctic Batman…. a Batman action figure from years ago! The art in this issue is done by Dustin Nguygen and Derek Fridolfs. It’s not a BAD change, but I loved Fabok’s art… this has more of a animated series feel. I like that with Batman and Batgirl, but the cops look too cartoony. Which cops you might ask? I mean Bullock, Bard, Forbes, and Sawyer. The rest of the art is wonderful. The story here is that BG wants to get to the bottom of the train accident, and clear Gordon’s name. There are other things that happen for sure, but I’m trying to be spoiler free here!!!

What I love about this issue, is how Batman and Batgirl each approach the problem. As well as each of their methods in dealing with it. Can’t wait to see where Eternal takes us next!!!!!

Final Thoughts and Ratings:

Eternal has be hooked!! I really am loving the direction of this wide scoping Bat story. Overall as one entire story with four parts… I give this first Eternal arc a 5 outta 5 stars. Sure I have different ratings on the issues individually… which you’ll hear on The Pull Bag Ep 67, but overall as a inter-connected story…. These four issues are amazing!!!!


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