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Batman/Superman is here!!! This hot new title from DC Comics tells the tale of The NEW 52 first meeting of The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight. A teamup most would never think about. However over the years Batman and Superman have teamed up many times. Throughout the DC Animated Universe they became very close friends. When I heard about this new ongoing series, I was excited! I was looking forward to just what the writer and artists would do with these characters. Greg Pak is the writer, Jae Lee is on art, and Ben Oliver is also involved.

The Batman/Superman Movie: World’s Finest

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Greg Pak has been a writer over at Marvel, and to my knowledge this is his DC Comics debut. I’ve never read his writing before, and I was looking forward to seeing what someone I didn’t know would do with two of the greatest characters. This takes place at the very beginning of the New 52 universe. A time where Superman/Clark Kent is still learning about his powers. I love how the writing is for both characters, and I’m super interested in seeing how an eventual friendship comes about. However I have to be honest and say outside of the monologues between Batsy and Supey, I was lost on what the hell the plot is in this first issue. I’ve read the issue three times! I still don’t understand what the hell happened! The writing is good, but it’s not earth shatteringly awesome. After reading this for the first time I had a WTF look on my face. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t read this. It isn’t a bad book. It just confused the hell outta me. After reading this I wasn’t floored, like when I read Batman #13. I was just thinking… hmmm… where is this going?

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Jae Lee and Ben Oliver’s art is amazing though. I love the look of Batman and Superman. I love the looks of Gotham and Metropolis. I am really enjoying how the two different artists combine their efforts to make one fluid style. Jaw Lee does the art on Pages 1-18, and Ben Oliver does the art on Pages 19-25. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that. Usually you have one penciller and one inker. I really did like the combination of the art styles. The designs are very well done. The covers are all awesome for this #1 issue. I also enjoyed how they have a cover gallery at the back of the issue. This gallery explains the intentions of some of the variant covers. That was very cool. The designs on Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are very interesting. Clark looks younger here, and Bruce looks younger as well, but he seems to be slightly older then Clark. I am enjoying the art in this first issue very much.

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Final Thoughts:

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This book it is all about the art for me, and the monologuing between Batman and Superman. The actual plot of the book just left me with a WTF moment. Maybe in future issues this will be resolved. I would say that if you are a fan of either character grab this, and see what you think. However after three issues I might drop it from my pull list. I dunno yet.

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