Review of C.O.W.L. #2

C.O.W.L. #2

COWL #2 Cover

Kyle Higgins has brought C.O.W.L. to life! Along with Alec Siegel and Rod Reis! Based on characters from Kyle’s short film The League This will be a SPOILER FREE  Review of C.O.W.L. #2! 

Principles of Power – Chapter 2 Self-Deception

Kyle Higgins, you know him as the masterful Nightwing Scribe, and he goes beyond all expectations in the Batman Beyond Universe… But now he brings you his creator owned title C.O.W.L. When I first heard about this I was stoked! Because this is based off Kyle’s short film The League, which you can get on iTunes and READ MY REVIEW of it.

So issue #2 excels on many levels. I LOVE how dark and gritty this series is! A lot of people online are comparing C.O.W.L. to the TV series Mad Men… I have never watched Mad Men, so I can’t say it is anything like it. I’ll say this though C.O.W.L. just might be my #1 pick as best comics series of 2014! We are only 2 issues in and I’m hooked.

COWL #2 Page 1


Kyle’s writing continues to be amazingly well done. After all this is his creator own universe. The way he writes these characters… It’s like watching a TV Series!!! We are only 2 issues in and I’m ready to call this the best NEW series of 2014! It’s like Kyle grew up in a circus! He juggles the characters and storylines so well! In this issue we see Grant and Eclipse on patrol. Grant is having issues with his kid, and it’s all because Grant is an unpowered member of C.O.W.L. Then we have The former Grey Raven, C.O.W.L.’S Chief Geoffrey Warner giving a story to a reporter about C.O.W.L.’s history, and they talk about the C.O.W.L, contracts with the city. Kyle was meant to be writing these characters again, and giving us more than just the 27 min long short that was The League. I love the writing style. This is a comic where the writing is VERY Adult, and it’s awesome. The way Higgins and Seigel give us little glimpses into each character is great! I love how it seems as the story develops Kyle and Alec are able to focus part of the story on each main C.O.W.L. member, and then they also work in the other arcs. I think that the greatest thing about the writing is that each story takes place in a different section of the city. That’s an awesome way of writing.


COWL #2 Page 2

I LOVE Rod Reis’s art in this. It’s dynamic, period specific, and dark! It also has it’s bright moments at times. In this issue Rod does something that I doubt I’ve ever seen in my 2 years of reading comics full time. It’s a panel, that as soon as I saw the gun go where it went I knew what was coming! Reis’s colors and lines bring the world to life. After seeing this art I can truly envision 1960s Chicago, and these characters in that world. The colors differentiate between scenes which is nice and the character designs are all unique enough that they are easily distinguishable. I did have trouble in the first issue telling a few of the characters apart. However I’m on the right track now!

Final Thoughts:

Overall C.O.W.L. #2 was a good issue, it builds upon the first issue. As well as spotlighting a few of the other members of C.O.W.L. The book does a very good job of balancing storylines and characters! Looking forward to issue #3! You can get C.O.W.L. #2 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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