Review of D.C. The New 52 Harley Quinn Issue # 16 (Spoilers)

The bad news is that Harley is taking an hiatus.  The good news is that.  We’re getting some interesting characters.  Our “cute little psycho.” Has been through a lot.  From handling her Hitmen.  Going to San Diego Comic Con, to promote her comic.  Busting Ivy out of Arkham.  To teaming up with Power Girl.  Sadly this has taken a toll.  On her personal life.  Almost costing her relationship with beefcake Mason.  What’s the clown Princess of Crime to do?  Why, recruit some potential Harleys.  To carry out her schemes, and whatnot.


The issue mainly deals with the initiation process.  As well as locating an suitable building.  For “Harley’s Headquarters’s,” or The Hall of Harley’s?  We do get a few panels here and there.  On who will make the final cut.  One of them Holly (Coach) Hamden.  Is a blind woman, in a wheelchair.  Complete with eye-seeing dog.  What she lacks in sight, and walking.  She can hear a pigeon poop miles away.  And has a strong sense of smell.  How can you not love Holly?  We also get that chick Shona, from the last issue.  Whose temper, caused “static,” with her family.


The reason why this issue works.  Is because it’s back to basics.  I do recall an Harley graphic novel.  Where she attempted to train an gang. Not to mention her romp at SDCC.  It also shows, how far the character has come.  Sure she does deserve true love.  But I love the first few pages.  Where she’s bonding with her BFF Ivy.  While at the movies, she’s gabbing the entire time.  The patrons behind her.  Are telling her to shut up.  She is about to turn around.  And bash their heads in.  Instead she apologizes, as the patrons finish wetting ’em.  It’s all in the facial expressions.  Again, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner nail it.


Chad Hardin provided the inks and pencils, this time around.   As per usual, he does a great job.  With Harley’s up and close moments.  Acting pissy in the movie theater.  Getting all excited about recruiting her gang.  Not to mention, all the great colors and styles.  Of each main/minor/background character/inanimate object.  A lot is crammed in a twenty five page issue.  Lots and lots dialogue.  Which is not a bad thing.  I could listen to Harley forever.  I will be going through some withdrawals.  Waiting until June, 2015 for Issue 17.  Is the hardest part.

Until then have a Goodin’ Puddin’

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Harley Quinn The New Working Girl

Harley holding auditions, for new applicants. The introductions of Holly Hamden. As well as the Introduction to The Gang of Harleys.

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