Review of Darth Vader #1 – Book I: Vader

Darth Vader #1

SW DV #1

Everyone knows the theme to the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader! With Marvel now having the Star Wars comics back, they have started a new series with Vader being the main focus! Here’s my spoiler free review of Darth Vader #1!

SW DV #1 Page 1

It’s always interesting to me to read the story from the villain’s point of view. Keiron Gillen is on the writing here, Salvador Larroca is on the art, and Edgar Delgado is on the colors. I’m not very familiar with Gillen’s writing, so after looking him up… I’m very confident in his style for this series. The one thing I remember him writing was the 2012 Iron Man series. Which I have yet to read. I really want to eventually. So Darth Vader, I was very excited to read this. Let’s see how good issue #1 is.

SW DV #1 Page 2


Once you see the way Lucas structured the story in Episode IV, reading this it seems streamlined. I can even hear James Earl Jones’s voice in Gillen’s writing of Vader. This first issue sets up Vader having dealings with Jabba the Hutt! Vader comes to Jabba 1 day before he’s really supposed to be there, because he has a personal favor to ask of the Hutt. As I was reading through the issue I really felt a true connection between the events that take place here, and the entire film of episode IV. I’ll say that it is weird seeing Darth interact with The Emperor, but it isn’t a bad thing. The one question I have about the story is how is the Empire still on Coruscant? just with my knowledge of the films, I had thought that the entire Empire was reduced to either star destroyers or inhabiting other planets? I like the connection as far as Coruscant, and it makes the story interesting and flow well. But I just wasn’t sure if the Empire still had a base there. Really love the way Gillen writes each character, from Vader, to The Emperor, and Jabba. It’s all very well done.

SW DV #1 Page 3


Larroca and Delgado make a MOST IMPRESSIVE team here! They give depth and emotions to several of the ways Vader looks at people. The art on Darth Vader himself is like they popped him right outta the films!!! It’s simply amazing. Then you look at each setting, and the way it’s drawn and colored. This team has really blasted off in this first issue. Everything from the backgrounds to the characters and in between. The Light Saber effects are wonderfully crafted, and even the way they show how The Force works is amazing looking. I can’t wait to see what they do in issue #2!

SW DV #1 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #1 of Darth Vader has me hooked! The story is nicely setup, and I’m intrigued by what stories they’ll be telling. Looking forward to issue #2 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Darth Vader #1 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

SW DV Issue #2

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May the Force be with you!


Come to the Dark Side, and read Darth Vader! An interesting story taking place after Episode IV!

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  1. The seat of galactic power has always been Coruscant. The Emperor has his palaces there, which is why Moff Jerjerrod was so surprised when the Emperor showed up on the second Death Star (“We shall redouble our efforts”). Even after the defeat of the Emperor, the Rebel Alliance had a tough time taking the planet. They could have rebuilt the Senate anywhere, but Coruscant is where you govern from.

    1. Ahh ok thanks… See me just watching the films I had no idea lol. Especially AFTER the end of Jedi the rebels are scattered there was no real homeworld, and we never saw Coruscant… except in the prequels.

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