Review of Darth Vader #2 – Book I, Part II Vader

Darth Vader #2

Darth Vader #2

Everyone knows the theme to the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader! With Marvel now having the Star Wars comics back, they have started a new series with Vader being the main focus! Here’s my spoiler free review of Darth Vader #2!

SW DV #1 Page 1

So after the interesting story startup in the first issue… Can the second one live up to, and continue it? Well yeah!!! Really digging this series so far! Gillen knows how to write great action scenes, as well as the political aspects of the Star Wars Universe. As we open up issue #2 that’s exactly what we get. The political side of the story.

SW DV #2 Page 1


Gillen does a great job at writing the character of Grand General Tagge. I just can’t believe Vader will put up with this guy for too much longer. Especially after the events of this issue. In the old days… ya know before the first DEATH STAR blew up… Vader would have force choked this guy in a split second! So without spoiling the ending… the general jest of the story is that Vader is tasked to find the source of the raids by the rebels. Gillen does a wonderful job here combining the action and dialogue scenes. There are times where I felt like laughing at a few things Vader said. However I did not do that… I just grinned, and noted to myself oh Tagge…. you better be careful. This issue’s writing is pretty straightforward. As is the story. There aren’t any real hidden twists… and Vader isn’t off on his own personal mission this time. It’s a great setup for the future issues of the series.

SW DV #2 Page 2


Larroca and Delgado on art and colors respectfully… WOW this team is amazing!!!! The colors are powerful….. the lines are clean… and super imposing at times. Vader’s TIE Fighter looks amazing!!!! I need to see more of that. Larroca isn’t trying to make this his own version of Star Wars or Darth Vader. I’m not sure if Marvel has marching orders from Disney to make it look like it should. But wow it does look most impressive!!! I mean just look at that image above with the Fighter coming outta the smoke. That’s some badass force skills there! I love how Vader has his own black droid, and this droid looks nothing like any R2 unit I’ve ever seen. My only complaint about the art is sometimes it doesn’t match up for me compared to what we have already gotten. This is a super nitpick on my part…. It just kinda bugs me that the explosion in the panel above looks outta place. What I mean by this is that it looks as if it is a pop up… versus being flush with the rest of the art.

SW DV #2 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #2 of Darth Vader has me wondering what will happen next! We are still in story setup mode… especially this early in the series. However it’s an interesting addition to what has already been presented! Looking forward to issue #3 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Darth Vader #2 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

SW DV #2 Page 4

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