Review of Darth Vader #5 – Book I, Part V Vader

Darth Vader #5

Darth Vader #5

Everyone knows the theme to the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader! as the story continues Vader and Aphra use the Droids Triple Zero and BT to create a distraction….  Here’s my spoiler filled review of Darth Vader #5!

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As this series has progressed, in my reviews I’ve said that this is a most refreshing series. Because it sets the focus on the villain, and his missions for the Emperor, also missions for his own needs. Back in my issue #3 review, I believe I said that book read very fast. When I went to read it a few months ago on Comixology… I opened it up hit the first page, and then 4 mins later I was done with the book. I didn’t skim through it, I didn’t rush right to the end. I read every word Kieron Gillen wrote, and devoured all the art that Larroca and Delgado had there. It just happened to be a very fast read for me. That’s what has happened again here in issue #5. Sadly after reading issue #5 I can’t say I was super stoked afterwards. I mean the story was good, but it just didn’t feel epic. The first four issues of the Darth Vader series felt epic, like Vader himself could reach through my screen and Force Choke me if I didn’t say wonderful things about the books in my reviews. Issue #5 here left me with kind of … WHAT. THE. FUCK? feeling. It almost read as if Gillen had outsourced the writing to another writer. I’m not saying that happened, obviously not. But it just didn’t have that epic oh my god this is awesome feeling when I reached the end of the issue. The only epic moment I got out of the entire issue was Adi Granov’s cover. That guy kills it on these Star Wars covers! So awesome!!! Let me explain why I felt this issue was somewhat lackluster in quality……

SW Darth Vader #5 Page 1


As the issue begins we start with Vader and Dr. Aphra approaching a base or something within the Outer Rim. They are there to … I have no idea honestly. Aphra says something about an illegal boarding mission, but no real clear statement is made as to why they are there. Then the battles start. We find Cylo IV…. wait isn’t he dead….? Well this is Cylo V! Clones… it always had to be clones! So the crux of this issue is that Vader finds out about The Emperor’s secret plans of going against everything the Force means to the Sith.

SW Darth Vader #5 Page 2

As we progress we meet two Jedi… nope more clones, but this time clones with lightsabers! A fight breaks out, and Vader is nearly going to kill Cylo V, but the Emperor intervenes! Yes that’s right we see the Emperor here. We get a really good look at him, I kinda wish he was a bit more deformed, but I’ll talk about that in the art section of this review. Triple Zero and BT are an excellent distraction, and for a moment there Triple Zero really acted like C-3PO would have. I’d LOVE to hear Anthony Daniels do an evil voice of C-3PO for this character, that’d be epic and amazing!!! Gillen’s writing is good, but I find myself underwhelmed with the ending to the issue.

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So the art, I’ll say this even though I wasn’t impressed with the writing this time around… The art has and will always be impressive! Larroca kills it with clean lines, and that lightsaber battle was awesome!!!!!! Look at Vader and the Droids in the above image. That’s wonderfully drawn and colored. Each character pops off the page. Those battle droids are going to be fun to watch in future issues. There were so many homages in this issue. the last page has the training droid thingy that Luke fought in A New hope, and then there’s the “relative” of Admiral Ackbar. I swear I was waiting for “IT’S A TRAP!!” I mentioned the look of the Emperor earlier, and I’ll expand on that here. He just looks too polished. I mean I know this takes place years and years after Revenge of the Sith…. However I was hoping for a bit more of a look like right after his first lightning strike against Mace Windu. Sadly that’s not the case here, and I know I’m nitpicking. It just seems to me as if his look is off. Other than that the rest of the art is impressive most impressive.

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Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #5 of Darth Vader left me wanting and needing more than we got. We did get more new characters, and that is a good thing, but overall this issue just had zero excitement for me. I am looking forward to issue #6 and seeing where the story goes! Because I’ve been on the Vader train this long… I need to see how this all plays out! You can get Darth Vader #5 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

SW Darth Vader #5 Page 5

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For me personally issue #5 as I've stated fell to the void of being MEH. There were several exciting moments, but the overall events were not exciting at all. It felt like a filler issue, and that's not a good thing.

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