Review of Darth Vader #6 – Book I, Part VI Vader

Darth Vader #6

Darth Vader #6

Everyone knows the theme to the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader! The last two issues of this series have been severely lacking for me. Hopefully here in this issue my faith in the series can be restored. Here’s my spoiler filled review of Darth Vader #6!

SW Darth Vader #6 Titles

LIGHTSABERS, CAMERA, ACTION! That’s what it’s all about here in issue #6 of Darth Vader! If you’ve read my reviews of ISSUE #4 and ISSUE #5 you’ll know that I have been displeased with the series’ writing so far. It’s like after Issue #3 someone else took over Kieron Gillen’s Brain or something. Or maybe it was a clone or whatever. However here in Issue #6 he somewhat redeems himself. The Art by Salvador Larroca though continues as always to be most impressive. The one thing I’d like to know is are the story titles gonna change? We’ve had Book I, Vader Parts I-VI to this point. It’s gotten kinda old in my humble opinion. One thing that draws me into any story is the title. It gives off the first impression. Sadly after issue #5 I’m ready for a title other than Book I, Vader Part VI!  Let us get in-depth with my thoughts on this issue!

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So it’s explanation time, and battle time in this issue. Kieron Gillen seems to have his wits about him again. He’s writing Vader and The Emperor very well here. I love all the homages to Ep IV A new Hope, as I mentioned in one of the previous reviews. We have the lightsaber training droid things… those blue balls of light. We have an Ackbar look-a-like, potentially a relative who studied under Grievous!! And those Sabers on the character look great. Gillen gives us Cylo V’s reasoning for all this, as the issue unfolds we find out that it is a test. For Vader, and Cylo V… to find out whom the Emperor will choose to fight his future battles for him. I’ll say this for Gillen’s storytelling, the man is crafting one weird tale that fits between A New hope and Empire Strikes Back.

SW Darth Vader #6 Page 2

So after the battle Gillen gives us what we have been waiting for since the first few panels in issues #1 and #2… when Vader felt the force in the pilot that defeated him. He finds out that he has a son. I LOVE that Gillen is leading up to Empire with Vader’s search now focused on Skywalker. I’ve VERY behind in reading the Marvel main Star Wars series, so I’m unsure if they meet up there at all to this point. I know I need to catch up on that. OK digressing back to Vader here. The one thing that bugs me about this issue is that Aphra and the droids are essentially thrown away. Maybe Gillen is writing the story to focus on 1 or 2 characters per issue. For instance last time the focus was on Aphra’s interaction with Vader at first, and then the Droids being the distraction. Whereas this issue is all about The Emperor , Cylo V, and Vader.

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Once again nothing but praise for Larroca and Delgado as the art team here, and of course Granov on the covers. my god can Adi Granov do such amazing Star Wars themed covers here! Edgar Delgado as the colorist … JUST WOW! The man has done a very good job blending the lightsaber colors in these battles. Add that to the fact of Vader’s shininess… BEST Colors Star Wars ever got!!! Larroca’s lines, and backgrounds are clean, bright, dark, and wonderfully done. Just the depth and the care that is taken with this series. It is so wonderful. I just can’t get over the way the colors pop out of the book. It’s like Delgado has a spray paint gun, and is spraying colors all over my eyes!

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #6 of Darth Vader has me interested in what happens in the series again. The potholes in the space highway of issues #4-5 are smoothed out here! Looking forward to issue #7 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Darth Vader #6 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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Really Liked It!


Darth Vader #6 has renewed my faith in the series. It has action, storytelling, and colors that pop out of the book. Gillen, Larroca, and Delgado all do a superbly impressive job on writing and art. While this isn't a jumping on point for new readers. It is something that most Star Wars fans will love.

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