Review of Darth Vader #7 – Book II, Part I Shadows and Secrets

Darth Vader #7

Darth Vader #7

Everyone knows the theme to the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader! Between my reviews of #4 and #5 of the Vader series, I nearly lost faith. Then issue #6 came, and renewed my faith. So we are now at Issue #7 and Vader returns to Tatooine! Here’s my spoiler free review of Darth Vader #7!

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OK so Vader’s new journey begins here as he returns to Tatooine for the first time in a long time…… Remember in my last review when I asked if the story titles would change? Well YAY they have! Not that I didn’t like the Book I Part I-VI Vader etc etc… but for me a title is what grabs me and makes me want to read the story. After seeing the same ole title for six issues… I started getting bored and disinterested in the book. My reviews for Issues #4 and #5 reflect that, because the story in those felt like something completely different and off kilter from the first three issues of the series. However with Issue #6 and now #7… we seem to be getting back on track. So lets dig into the new story arc Shadows and Secrets!

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Kieron Gillen has returned to form here. Well at least for me he has. Just when I thought I was out the Vader team has pulled me back into the story. Anyone who has read any of my written reviews for anything before, or has listened to any of my podcasts… I’m a huge stickler for continuity and things I know. Sure I can roll with the punches as far as new characters and such, but generally not into change. With the Vader series here Gillen really killed it introducing Aphra, Triple Zero and BT. Here in issue #7 Vader returns to Tatooine on his quest to find the Force strong pilot that defeated him. As this story progresses Gillen’s writing constantly improves. Every time he writes anything coming out Vader’s mouth, all I can say is that it is impressive, most impressive! After reading this issue I have no idea what to expect from issue #8. Simply put the way this one ends is on a damn good cliff hanger twist.

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Gillen continues to craft each character’s personality as he goes along. I wish there was a bit more of Triple Zero and BT though in this issue. However I understand why there wasn’t. The reason being is that this is all Vader’s story here. With his actions in the Outer Rim, and on Tatooine. I think what I enjoy the most about Kieron Gillen’s writing is how he taps into his on Force abilities to write this story. Between his writing and Larroca’s art, Vader isn’t in better hands than these creators.

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Larroca and Delgado continue to be strong with the force of drawing and coloring the Darth Vader Series!  Very time I see Vader in an up close panel like the one above. I think wow they nailed the film design to a T. You know how in most comics artists tend to take a character and put their own spin on it? Well not here. At least not with the classic Star Wars characters. I’m not sure if that’s because Marvel and Disney say HEY no deviating from what the fans know, or if it’s Salvador’s respect to the franchise. Look at the image below this text. Vader with the Storm Troopers!!!! That’s just an epic image. The background smoke, and lightsaber effects. They are all drawn and colored very well. The image is very imposing, as it should be!

SW Darth Vader #7 TPage 4

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #7 of Darth Vader has me constantly wondering when will they really do something to make me mad. Sure I was unimpressed with the story in issues #4 and #5. But with #6 and now #7… I’m ready for more Vader. As I said last time, I have no idea where they are going with this. Honestly that’s a good feeling to have. Looking forward to issue #8 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Darth Vader #7 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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Almost Perfect


Darth Vader #7 is an interesting jumping on point, if you choose to jump on here. You won't feel like you are missing out on anything from the previous 6 issues. However you should still read those. Issue #7 here sets us up on the next arc, and finishes strong with a twist not even I saw coming.

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