Review of DC Universe Vs Masters Of The Universe #1

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Two Universes collide! DC Universe Vs Masters of the Universe is the new six issue mini series from Keith Giffen, Dexter Soy, and Ed Benes! Here you’ll find a SPOILER FREE Review of issue #1.

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First off let me state that I have NEVER read any MOTU stuff that wasn’t done by DC. I came in late on the 6 issue mini series last year. I’m also glued to the new current 2013 ongoing. I did love how Mattel did the DCU Vs MOTU 2 pack toys a few years back. For me the current state of MOTU in comics is freakin’ awesome.

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I’d also like to state that the cover image above this one was mashed together by my friend TV’s Mr. Neil. If you wanna see the two covers separated you can do so here and here. I just wanted to see what the image looked like as the collage it was meant to be. I have been foaming at the mouth to see what this new crossover would entail. The first issue does not disappoint. However you will have had to be reading DC’s MOTU stuff from 2012 to now… to understand where it comes in. Things are revealed! Things I will not talk about here. You’ll have to read it for yourselves.

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Keith Giffen is doing amazing things with the MOTU characters and the world that they exist in. Granted I wasn’t a fan of the Hordak Origin one shot, but the current ongoing and this new six issue UNIVERSE SPANNING series is freakin awesome. This was such a fast read for me. I even got most of the story elements. There wasn’t anything in the writing that I didn’t like. For those of us that have been reading the 2013 ongoing, which is up to issue 5 at the time of this review. Things that happen in this first issue are answered. And damn what great answers Giffen gives us.

I absolutely love reading his stories with all of these characters. The first issue mainly focusses on Constantine on Earth, with an Eternian woman. As well as the Masters on Eternia. I love the witty banter between He-Man and Teela. Best writing of those character’s relationship with each other ever. I love how we are led to some characters from the MOTU that we haven’t seen in awhile. That was very awesome. All in all the story reads very well, and can’t wait for the second issue. If I attempt to write anything else i’ll be spoiling all the fun!

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The covers done by Ed Benes are amazing, and as I stated above the two halves combined make a damn fine image. The art by Dexter Soy is brilliant. With one exception… I’m not too keene on He-Man’s armor. The chest plate is fine, but that under armor makes him look like Iron Man a bit. I love how the backgrounds, buildings, cities, and other places all pop off the page. I had read something else where Dexter Soy was the artist, and I don’t remember liking it as much as I like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the man is a bad artist, but the style I saw before was inferior to what he has done here. I can’t really talk about the art of certain characters, because that’d be a HUGE spoiler.

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Final Thoughts:

IF YOU ARE A FAN OF EITHER UNIVERSE GO GET THIS ISSUE, and the 5 that will come after it!!! That’s the bottom line honestly. Super stoked to see what issue #2 has in store for us! Gonna give this the highest rating from the GCRN Universal Rating System, because this issue was just that damn good.

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Final Rating:


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