Review of DC Universe Vs Masters Of The Universe #2

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Two Universes collide! DC Universe Vs Masters of the Universe is the new six issue mini series from Keith Giffen, Dexter Soy, and Ed Benes! Here you’ll find a SPOILER FREE Review of issue #2. However the intro might contain certain spoilers from the 2012 mini series.

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SO WE FINALLY  find out what the hell has happened to Skeletor! Boy was this story a shock to the system to read!!! It flows so well, and reveals stuff we have been waiting awhile to know!!!!

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Batman and He-Man on the same team? THAT’S FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!!!!!! These two universes really do blend well together!!!I’m so ready for issue #3, and I haven’t even started writing the issue #2 review yet.

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So even though I really enjoyed the start of Dan Abnett’s tale in He-Man and the MOTU #7…. I really LOVE the way Keith Giffen is writing this mini series here!!! I just love the way he writes for these characters. They read off the page, the way they sound in my head. Your basic plot in issue #2 is we see the revelation that Skeletor has been on Earth. No that is not a spoiler, I mean just look at the cover to the issue. Between Queen Marlena, Teela, and Adam the dialogue is wonderful. Giffen’s writing even makes me care about some of the DC characters that in general I have no time for. This is basically a all out search and then fight fight fight! I’m really not sure how much else I can say without spoiling the hell outta the issue. We see a team up of old foes, to fight new ones. Good and Evil the lines that Giffen writes for them are soooo blurred!! It was awesome!!!!

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Tony Bedard and Dexter Soy do an amazing job on the backgrounds, characters, colors, and so much more. Every design was damn impressive. I love the way they showed the Power Sword in a certain scene close to the end of the issue. I really love the stylized differences between Team Earth and Team Eternia. Skeletor looks like the baddest badass you have ever seen. The way the artists craft the acion in the battle is amazing, and honestly Justice was not Denied in creating this second issue! SURE He-Man’s armor still looks like a Tony Stark ripoff as far as the red under suit. However that is something I’ve learned to overlook at this point. I can’t wait o see what else these artists give us for the reat of the series.

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Final Thoughts:

IF YOU ARE A FAN OF EITHER UNIVERSE GO GET THIS ISSUE, and the 4 that will come after it!!! That’s the bottom line honestly. Super stoked to see what issue #3 has in store for us! Gonna give this the highest rating from the GCRN Universal Rating System, because this issue was just that damn good. PLUS the ending in this is tooo damn shocking!!!!!!!

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Final Rating:


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  1. I really like the way you write these comic book reviews. I actually didn’t even know this series existed, I’m going to have to check into this now.

    1. THANKS!!! Yeah DCU Vs MOTU just started it’s a 6 issue mini series Glad you are liking the reviews!!!!!

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