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Grayson #1 is here! Nightwing is DEAD, Dick Grayson’s identity has been exposed, and he now lies to his entire family about being alive! He has become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L…. oh I mean Spyral! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

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So as EVERYONE KNOWS…………I LOATHE DC Comics these days within The NEW 52, for exposing then killing Nightwing-Dick Grayson…. only to make him the Nick Fury of the DC Universe. You can hear my opinions on this in The Pull Bag AFTER DARK Nightwing No More. I was super skeptical about this new series, because I thought without Kyle Higgins the heart of the character wouldn’t be there! The funny thing is that Tim Seely and tom King do a great job of keeping the heart of Grayson alive and well.

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Tim Seeley does an excellent job in Grayson’s premiere issue. There is still the heartwarming snark we all love, and all that seems to have changed in Dick’s life is that he no longer has a costume, and no one but Batman knows he’s alive. I love Seely and King writing this, even though I was not big on Nightwing #30… this feels more like a true setup for Dick’s adventures as a super spy. The tone of the New 52 Dick Grayson character is retained, and I’m very much looking forward to the future tales in this series. <—– WOW I NEVER thought I’d say that, after feeling so negatively about the direction for the character initially.

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Seeley introduces us to Spyral here and we see that Dick is just starting out this new mission. I do love the whole angle of a spy within a spyring. Because as we all know he’s infiltrating Spyral for Batman. There are many things to like about this first issue. The writing is well done, there is a 1-2-3 punch of a plot. there’s even tension between characters. And who the hell is the guy with the swirly face? That’s a character to be wary of right off the bat. Both Seeley and Tom King take Dick Grayson out of the darkness, as this book is very light. It might be the shining light in the entire New 52 lineup.


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Mikel Janin is the artist here. This is the first time I’ve seen his stuff. Janin’s Robin and Nightwing on the first page look excellent. Then putting Grayson as Agent 37… it seems almost dying didn’t ruin his good looks. The art doesn’t feel rushed or clunky in any area. I really love the backgrounds, and the way Janin sets up where Grayson is living is cool. Since I don’t know much about the Huntress character in the comics… I find her refreshing here. the look is great, and you can almost see sexual tension between her and Grayson. However within the writing that’s put to rest immediately. Can’t wait to see more of Janin’s art in this series.

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Final Thoughts:

Grayson #1 is for new and old readers alike. It brings in the NEW readers as to a NEw adventure with Dick Grayson. As far as we fans of the New 52 Nightwing era… it gives us the personality we’ve loved, and some awesome moments both in writing and art. Grayson #1 is out now and you can get it at your LCS or wherever you get your digital comics!

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Review Overview

Overall great first issues, it has a few things to develop though.

Grayson Rises from the ashes of Nightwing

Grayson takes the superhero out of Dick grayson, but he still remains a true hero of the DC Universe. In the first issue of this new ongoing we get the cool attitude, and interesting plots yet to be revealed. Plus King and Seeley bring in a whole new cast of characters.

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