Review of Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary Special #2 Red Riding Hood

Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary Special #2 Red Riding Hood

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My look at the six 10th Anniversary one shots from ZeneScope Entertainment continues. This time it’s Red Riding Hood’s turn. Let’s see what kinda adventure Britney Waters will be having.

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My only exposure to Britney Waters-Red Riding Hood before this was Pat Shand’s Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood. I’ll be covering that inside THE PULL BAG, later this week. But for this one shot, after reading RH Vs RRH, I gotta say Jeff Massey nailed the character. Her dark and light tones are wonderfully written, and nothing seems to have changed between the RH Vs RRH issue and this, as far as the character’s inner voice. I love when writers can get together and agree on using what was already established to then further the character. Instead of having two completely different writers and the main character sounds two totally different ways. The creative team here is Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco on story, Jeff Massey on writing, Chris Johnson on art, and Leonardo Paciarotti on colors. So let us take a bite out of this Red Riding Hood One shot shall we?

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So as I said in my SNOW WHTE one shot review, I am a NEW reader to a lot of the Zenescope writers. Jeff Massey is the second, well third new writer I’ve read. The other two being Pat Shand with Robyn Hood and Lou Iovino with that Snow White 10th Anniversary one shot. As I mentioned above, Massey really captures Red’s voice, from what I experienced in reading Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood. I know there is more with Red BEFORE this, and most likely after the Vs issue. However Jeff Massey does an excellent job here setting up the beginning, middle, and end. With no extreme cliffhangers. Red has become bounty hunter in L.A. Hmmm I wonder if there’s a Punisher crossover planned? (NO NO, just kidding!) So Red who is also a werewolf. I freakin’ love that. They made her Red and the Wolf all in one. Talk about taking the classic tale and putting a twisted spin on it. She is chasing bail jumpers and all that bounty hunter type stuff. GAH after reading this issue, it reminds me of the Janet Evanovich Plum series of novels. I LOVE THIS!!!! We meet “the master of the hunt” in the character of Reichhardt Teodore Fuchs. This guy is one pompous ass isn’t he? I really enjoyed how Massey wrote the personalities of Red and “Reek” So different, and I really did not see that twist coming later on in the issue.

Red Riding Hood #2 Page 2

As of this review I’ve not gone back to catch up on Red’s origins and all that. I just know what has been presented to me here, and in Shand’s Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood. So seeing the comedic side of Red was a fun trip. Especially her interactions with the old man who is living with her. At first I thought we hadn’t learned his name, but we learn its Murray in the Epilogue at the end of the issue. I’m sure Jeff Massey wasn’t going for this, but the first dog I thought of was Paul and Jaime’s from Mad About You. Yeah I know my brain works in weird ways. So Brit heads out after showering off the stench of Reek. She sadly heads right into a trap. This was the twist I said I was not expecting, yet somehow I think I should have seen it a mile away. Massey’s writing style is smooth and fluid. He really captures your attention with the quips and one liners that either red or Reek have. I’m trying my best here to not really spoil the issue’s events. For the simple reason that you should really read this.

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With Chris Johnson on art, and Leonardo Paciarotti on colors… this book is amazing. I want MORE RED from this creative team!!! The backgrounds, colors, buildings, everything is drawn and colored so well. Let me take a few minutes to talk about Britney nd her RED Catsuit uniform. Or well I should say when at times it looks like a catsuit. Forgive my 90s self, but all I can think about it Britney Spears. I wonder if that’s what they were going for as far as look and design in certain panels. not that there’s anything wrong with that. At first when Johnson and Paciarotti drew and colored the hairy parts of Red, when she is using her werewolf powers, I thought it was going to turn me off to the character. But after reading this issue THREE DIFFERENT times, I’ve gotta say it really works for the character. The funny thing with Red’s uniform sometimes you can and can’t see the zipper on the front. OK I’ll stop talking about the catsuit now. I really dig Chris Johnson’s art style, and can’t wait to see more of his work. The same goes for Paciarotti’s colors.

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Final Thoughts:

This second 10th Anniversary comic issue was damn good. I really am loving this creative team. I’d love them to get together and start a Red Riding Hood ongoing. That’d be my ultimate wish. If you want a fun read pick this up. You can get it from Comixology or your local comic shop. So stoked for Red’s future.

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The Red Riding Hood one shot here is a fun read. That's what I wan out of my comics these days. They have to have some element of FUN. While there are a few dark moments, this whole issue was just FUN to read. If you want a Red Riding Hood story unlike any other, check this out.

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