Review of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #10

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In He-Man and the MOTU #10 we witness the continuing journey through Subternia! This time around the gang gets reunited, as they find a way to travel between realms! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

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A BOLD NEW ADVENTURE continues here! I’m getting used to reading Dan Abnett’s style in continuing on with Keith Giffen’s story origins here. Once again we have a very eye catching cover. Although I’m unsure of Stratos’s design. It’s ok, but I was hoping for something a little more Filmation style. And while I’m on a SOAPBOX… why the HELL was it two months between releases… cmon DC get it together!!!! #9 came out 12-31… this came out this past Wednesday 2-19! That’s too damn far apart.

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Someone hit Dan Abnett on the head with a stupid stick… Or something… I’ll have to reread issue #9, but the way he writes the dialogue for the characters seems wayyyyyyy off in this issue. I felt like I was in medieval times. Now I know Eternia is not a modern setting, but it just read WEIRD to me a far as the wording that was used here.

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Now that my negative thoughts on the issue are out there… I did very much enjoy where the story is going, because Abnett did leave us on a bit of a cliffhanger. That is a great thing in this series… I never know what to expect next. The rest of the story is wonderfully put together, but I still can’t get passed the tone of language that is used here. The only reason is that I am not sure if this is how they have always been talking. I know… I know… I should have gone back and read issue #9 before writing this. But I was trying to not have to redo something.

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Michael S. O’Hare’s art is simply amazing. The coloring in this issue is done with brightness and it’s very bold. LOVE O’Hare’s drawings of the characters. Love the way O’Hare draws Battle Cat, and Randor looks great. Plus that ending scene… woah! Simply gorgeous. It was not something I was expecting in the art, and I really loved it.

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Final Thoughts:

While this issue was a fun look… it was a horrid read. The story I like, but it seems as I stated before that Abnett has gone into this old timey kinda talk. I don’t remember that in issue #9. The only reason I’m giving this three outta five is the writing. The art is simply amazing.

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