Review of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #2

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He-Man and the MOTU #2 continues the epic tale where #1 left off. This time around a battle with Despara!!! SPOILERS BELOW!!!

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I couldn’t put this book down, it was such an engrossing story. We have a battle between the Eternians and the Evil Horde, with Despara leading the way.

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The storytelling by Keith Giffen just keeps getting better and better!!! Plus yay Battle Cat, damn Cat looks great in this style!!!! OK that’s for the art section. However I love how Giffen wrote him into the story. We have a battle between Adora , Teela, and He-Man. I’m really loving the scarasm between he-Man and Teela. The quips from Adora are just as good. It’s like there was a story written on the edge of a coin, and you are reading both sides. This entire issue is battle, outside of a few scenes at Grayskull when the Masters are regrouping. There is an amazingly written scene between He-Man and King Randor. Yes even Randor knows his son Adam is He-Man.

MOTU 2 #2


Pop Mhan’s art is still amazing, and very bright when it needs to be. Yet the artist isn’t afraid to go dark in certain places. Specifically in Adora’s speech bubbles, it’s black and red. Wow that is freakin cool. I did really love when Battle Cat appeared and attacked Adora. That was an amazing looking image. I love Grayskull’s look as well, and it’s cool to see the Masters using it as a stronghold. Especially after the Soreceress’s death, they’d need to be defending it all the time. I didn’t mention this in my review of the previous issue, but I love the design on the Horde Troopers. I’m interested to see what Grizzlor, Catra, Scorpia, and maybe Shadow Weaver will look like… That is if they appear in the book.

Final Thoughts:

GIVE ME MORE… NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my initial reaction after reading this second issue. I want this book to come out every week!!!!!! Once again in my opinion there was nothing wrong with this issue. I’m throughly enjoying everything about the new ongoing series. If you haven’t picked this title up you need to. Especially if you are a fan of the MOTU.

Final Rating:


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