Review of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #4

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He-Man and the MOTU #4 continues the epic tale where #3 left off. It’s amazing what can be said when there is nothing but silence!!! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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For issue #4 we have He-Man forging a new destiny, and we see just how teela and Despara affect one another. I’m still loving how well the story flows between each issue. It’s one continuity. It is not 2 part stories, or several arcs tied up in little bows. Keith Giffen is doing a damn find job writing this ongoing.

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I wish I was still writing my reviews to include Spoilers. You readers have no idea how hard it is for me not to talk about every little thing that happened within this issue of He-Man and the MOTU. I love the fact that you have Teela capturted, and He-Man off on a quest for a new destiny. St the same time the remaining Eternian forces are at Graskull. They are working out a battle plan to attack the horde army that has surrounded the Castle. I love reading Giffen’s writing here. He gives each character new traits, whilst remaining true to the classic traits we know and love. The writing is just simply awesome. Not much more can be said other than that.

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OK Lets get the cover debacle outta the way. On DC Comics’ website it shows this as the cover of issue 4. Yet they changed it between the time the solicit was done, and releasing the issue. We didn’t even get that cover as a variant. WTH DC… cmon. Don’t get me wrong the He-Man new armor and sword cover looks great. But I really wanted the Despara cover!!!! That being said Pop Mhan is still rockin’ the MOTU with amazing designs!!! The way he conveys the art, the emotional traits on the characters’ faces and more. It’s simply awesome. Love the designs on Teela facing off with Despara, and I love the scene with Meck-a-Neck and Man At Arrms. Even the I Have The Power design on He-man is still looking damn impressive.

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Final Thoughts:

This series so far is still epic, amazing, wonderfully written, superbly drawn, and so many more positive points to it. As I’ve said in previous reviews, if you aren’t reading this ongoing, you need to be!!!!! BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL WE ALL HAVE THE POWER!!!!

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