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In He-Man and the MOTU #5 we learn the origin of Despara! This is the issue we have been wating for. Many questions are answered, and yet left unanswered. This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

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I just don’t understand DC Comics’ website at all. They have had the wrong covers on 2 of the new MOTU issues over the last two months. Issues #4 and #5 have completely different covers than what was advertised. Plus the cover on their site for THIS issue is the 2012 mini series #5 cover…. What the hell DC… ok I’ll get offa my soapbox and give you the review now!

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I’ve been waiting and waiting for the payoff of Despara’s Origin Story. Yet it’s not unlike that of what we have already known in the Filmation Cartoon. After the events of this issue, it will be interesting to see what path Despara takes.

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I’ve said it in my previous reviews of this ongoing series, the story flows so well. From issue to issue I’ve never felt as if it jumped off the page in a bad way. That’s what happens when you stick to a continuity. Keith Giffen’s storytelling is simply amazing!!! It will be VERY HARD for me not to spoil this story, but I’ll try my best.

We learn of Despara’s origin, and we see that Shadow Weaver gets to tell it to her. We also find out WHY Hordak looks the way he does in this series. I thought that was some damn interesting writing. We also see He-Man reuniting with Man-At-Arms and the rest of the Eternian Forces. In the beginning of the issue it is Despara telling Teela a ale of long ago. I love how she says “Yawn again and I will have your mouth stitched shut!” to Teela. If I could nitpick one thing about the writing it’s that at first I wasn’t sure who was telling the story. As I said though that is a small nitpick. Because it became obvious after a few pages. I love the way Giffen has flushed this story out. Despara’s reaction to the truth of her origin was intense, and it was intense how Shadow Weaver told her the story.

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Pop Mhan excels once again in his designs of these characters. I’m really getting used to the “new” armor He-Man has, and the backgrounds are awesome as well. I love the way Man At Arms and Mekaneck look, and the contrast between Despara and Teela’s looks is simply awesome. I know this issue focuses on Despara’s origin, but I would have loved to have seen more Horde Troopers. I love the way Mhan is designing them. All in all the art was amazing in this 5th issue.

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Final Thoughts:

You need to go back to issue #1 in order to get caught up in this ongoing storyline!!! Do yourself a favor and do that right now!!!!!!! I’ve said this before if you are a MOTU fan, and are open minded to new story concepts go get this book!!!!!!!!

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Final Rating:


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