Review of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #6

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In He-Man and the MOTU #6 we see the struggle to choose between Adora and Despara! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

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And thus Keith Giffen’s first run ends. Adora or Despara… which will He-Man’s twin sister choose to be?

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So because of DC’s Villains month MOTU took a month off… which honestly was fine with me. I’m not sure about the change in creative teams for the next run, which I believe Dan Abnett will be writing MOTU issues #7-12. I’m keeping an open mind, but I hope the tone isn’t lost. Simply because Keith Giffen has set up an amazing world here!

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The writing continues to amaze! The storytelling is very fluid from Giffen. I so can’t wait for more! The humor between Teela and He-Man is still funnier than anything in the Filmation series. Giffen makes these characters endearing, and likable. We get to see Despara’s struggle to choose the path she wants to follow. I think my favorite part of the issue was a moment between Adora and Cringer. Hordak is very well written, and he makes an interesting argument in this issue. I’m hoping in future storylines we get an explanation of why Hordak looks the way he does. Let’s face it the Origins one shot that Giffen wrote did nothing to explain why he looks the way he does. What I’m wondering if the writing in the ongoing somehow ties into the DCU Vs MOTU crossover? Overall the writing here in issue 6 is great!

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Pop Mhan is doing amazing stuff here, although there are two items I’m not really liking. #1 the fact that He-Man’s armor looks like a cheap Iron Man suit under the chestplate, and #2 Hordak, the more I see of this design, the more I hate it. It’s just too strange, I get that Hordak is a god and all that, but yikes he could have a better design.

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Final Thoughts:

This comic would be a Perfect, if it were not for the art choices of He-Man’s armor and Hordak. This issue was a fun, interesting, and deep look into a character. If you have been reading this ongoing you will not be disappointed. Go get it now.

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Final Rating:


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