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In He-Man and the MOTU #7 we witness a battle between the forces of Eternia and the mighty Grizzlor! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

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A BOLD NEW ADVENTURE begins here in issue #7 of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Dan Abnett takes over on writing, I’ve only read his story of Punisher Year One. I have to admit I wasn’t too thrilled at the announcement of this creative team change. I now understand that Giffen and Mhan will be back. But I personally always find it jarring when a writer moreso than an artist gets changed off or onto a book. However going into issue #7 here I was keeping an open mind. I just had to write this out here, to say why I really hate creative changeups sometimes.

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I understand new writers and artists can take their own liberties with characters, story, format of the book, and all that. However I didn’t have the same level of excitement reading issue #7 as I did the previous 6 issues. Sure I’m one of those people that when I find something I like I latch onto it, and when that changes ever so slightly, I can get arrogant and very pissed off. I did not read the preview for this issue, because I wanted to be surprised, and boy was I ever. The ending is quite a shocker!

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So as I said in the beginning of the review, this is my first time really reading Dan Abnett. He does attempt to keep the feel of the story from what Keith Giffen setup, yet at the same time he puts in his own touch. The writing is good, the story flows well, but it feels very weird. Specifically because they tied it into the crossover event DC Universe Vs Masters of the Universe. The only way this ties in is that He-Man returns, from that “other world”

The characterization is still the same as when Giffen was the writer so that is something that I liked. The bickering between Adam and Teela remains, and Abnett also doesn’t pull an old Filmation writer’s mistake. Which is you write a story to have one point and then someone else the next week comes along and rewrites that out of the story. As I’ve stated in my previous MOTU comic reviews, I love the fact that everyone in Adam’s family-friends circle knows that he is He-Man. This issue serves as an action packed romp, with a battle between Randor’s forces, and Grizzlor!

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Rafael Kayanan is the NEW artist on board with Dan Abnett. Mr. Kayanan keeps the same style Pop Mhan introduced us to, with the exception that He-Man has “Iron Man” like under armor. However I do not fault him for that, because it happened in the crossover. I gotta say that I don’t think I’ll care who the artist is that armor is fugly. The rest of the art i damn awesome and impressive. I love the backgrounds, the speech bubble designs for Hordak, and really love how Grizzlor looks!! The one greatest thing about this ongoing…. RANDOR DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THE BURGER KING!!!! Even when Pop Mhan was doing the art, I really liked Randor’s look and feel of the character design. I’m interested to see what other designs Rafael puts out there in the next few issues.

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Final Thoughts:

I’m gonna give this one a “Liked It” rating, because I’m not totally sold on the writing style. However if you have been reading this ongoing it does continue the story, and I’m super psyched to see where Abnett and Kayanan take it.

Final Rating:


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