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In He-Man and the MOTU #8 we witness the continuing journey to Mount Zoar! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

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A BOLD NEW ADVENTURE continues here! I’m getting used to reading Dan Abnett’s style in continuing on with Keith Giffen’s story origins here. I just wish the cover for #8 was something a little more eye popping.

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This story is a narrative piece. It’s a informational piece, with very little action. OK in the beginning there is some action, but the way Abnett writes the story, it feels like scene from Law & Order where the criminal has no time to talk to the cops, so they walk and talk. The interesting thing within this part of the story is which awesome character shows up! I dunno since the issue has been out for a week if that has been spoiled elsewhere, but I’m not gonna Spoil it here! Let me just say it’s interesting to see this character outside of the cartoons. Keep in mind that before the 2012 mini series by Giffen, I have not read any other MOTU comics.

So What Lies Within Part 2 is the journey of our heroes Randor, Adam, Teela, and Battle Cat as they make their way to Mount Zoar. It was revealed in issue #7 that King Randor wants to resurrect The Sorceress, and they must get to the mountain to beg the goddess Zoar of Eternia to do this. I do have to admit that I very much enjoyed the storytelling from Randor’s point of view, in that he is telling the stories of why he believes in this magic. I have to say this BOLD NEW ADVENTURE is reading faster than I thought it would. I wasn’t too keene on issue #7, maybe because of the creative team change-up. However now I’m ready to see how Dan Abnett pays all this off.

He-Man and the MOTU #8 Page 2


Rafael Kayanan is the NEW artist on board with Dan Abnett. Mr. Kayanan continues to impress me with the backgrounds and character designs that he is using. Again I’m still not a fan of He-Man’s unsder armor, because it looks like something Tony Stark would make as an Iron Man suit. However other then that the art in issue #8 is great! I love how Rafael uses other colors that are suited to that character to distinguish their speeh bubbles. I think that is a very interesting little piece of attention that adds to the understanding of who is talking. Especiall as you read the book, it might get confusing sometimes when speech bubbles are all white background with black text.

Love the way the NEW character looks in this. The one I said I wasn’t gonna spoil who it is. The full page spread above is a very awesome way to show off a battle, and I very much like how the artists did that. The colors in this issue pop more than I thought they even could. It’s a middle ground between eye blinding bright colors, and very dark tones. I think it was pulled off nicely.

He-Man and the MOTU #8 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

I’m gonna give this one a “Perfect” rating, because I’m much more into what this creative team is doing now. The reasoning for the perfect is that everything about the issue is very interesting, and it hooked me into seeing how it plays out. It’s very mysterious in the writing, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Final Rating:


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