Review of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #9

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In He-Man and the MOTU #9 we witness the continuing journey to Mount Zoar! This time around the Masters are caught in the Ring of Dreams and Earth! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!

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A BOLD NEW ADVENTURE continues here! I’m getting used to reading Dan Abnett’s style in continuing on with Keith Giffen’s story origins here. Last time I wanted the cover to be more eye catching… well the cover for #9 does that very well.

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Abnett’s writing continues to grow on me. However I miss Giffen’s way of writing the humor with these characters. And for Skeletor’s Sake will someone please call him HE-MAN at least once! I guess that’s the downfall of all the Masters knowing Adam’s secret. At least all the ones that are still with him on this journey find The Goddess Zoar. There are some very well written emotional moments as the issue plays out. I really do like how Avnett is tapping into that, and how he s tapping into Eternia’s past with Moss Man. There was nothing really in the writing that made me give up on the issue. I can’t wait til we see what happens in the next issue. That right there is something I thought I’d never say back when I was reading issue 7 and 8.

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YET another artist change up! UGH!!! However Michael S. O’Hare’s art is beautiful here. It is by far the best I’ve seen here in the ongoing. What I like the best about it is how shiny it is. Some of the past art in issues felt gritty to me. But O’Hare’s styling is very well done. The colors really pop as well. Still not loving the under armor for He-Man, but the chest plate is great. Can’t wait for issues 10-12 to see what else Michael S. O’Hare does!

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Final Thoughts:

I’m gonna give this one a “Perfect” rating, because I think it’s just that. The story flows very well, the art and colors are gorgeous, and overall it was a very fun read.

Final Rating:


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