Review of He-Man The Eternity War #2

Eternity War is Here! He-Man’s run at DC Comics has changed yet again. And honestly it’s for the best! Continuing from the events of the Blood of Grayskull, we are set back to the present with Hordak being reborn! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!

He-Man Eternity War #2

Eternity War had an interesting very cool start, and now the story continues. In this issue we see two parts of the war. I love seeing how the stories converge at the end of the issue. And then Abnett leaves us on a cliffhanger IN SPACE!!!

HM_EW #2 Page 1


Abnett continues to impress me here with Eternity War. There’s so much here that all MOTU fans will enjoy. So storylines A and B are present here, where the Eternians are attacking the Horde on two fronts. He-Man and the Snake Men attack the outlying Horde troopers, and then Man At Arms inside Roboto is attempting to destroy the Orbital Disruptor. I love how Dan Abnett really has captured the essence of the horde characters like Mantenna! This story is mostly action, but I really enjoy the way Abnett is writing these characters.

HM_EW #2 Page 2

The one thing I’m wondering is… where the hell is She-Ra…? I know we’ll find out in the next issue. Still it’s strange she’s absent all together here. I love the interactions Abnett writes for MAA and Roboto. Man At Arms has to explain a few things to Robnoto while on their mission, and it’s a touching moment.

HM_EW #2 Page 3


Pop Mhan is a MOTU genius! He is giving us classic Man At Arms in this book now, because in the beginning of the issue in order to pass on the exposition of the story MAA is shaving his beard! The one question I have about the art is why does Battle Cat have a Golden Headdress now? Don’t get me wrong I like it, but it makes him look less of a Tiger, and more like a Lion. The backgrounds and colors pop so well in this issue. Mark Roberts on colors is amazing. The action scenes are bright and vibrant. The character colors work very well!!!

HM_EW #2 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Eternity War #2 picks up where #1 left off and we get to see how the war is affecting both Eternia and Earth! Abnett overall is a damn good storyteller for this series. I’m still intrigued to see where he takes it. So thankful that Mhan is on the art, and as I said Roberts’s colors really pop. Can’t wait to see the art in issue #3!

HM_EW #2 Page 5

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A Power Sword to Eternity War #2!

Mantenna arrives!

Eternity War is turning out to be the BEST MOTU comic I've ever read. The character interactions are all very well executed! You should really be reading this series!

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  1. Your writing has greatly improved! I kind of want to read this series now. Nicely done!

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