Review of He-Man The Eternity War #3

Eternity War is Here! Issue #3 of the new He-Man ongoing has arrived! This time around the spotlight is on She-Ra and the Evil Horde’s female warriors Catra and Scorpia! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!

He-Man Eternity War #3

Issue #3 is here, and do not pick up from the “To Be Continued” we got in issue #2! There’s no mention at all of what He-Man, the Snake Men, or Man At Arms are doing at the time. It almost feels as if this issue starts a new storyline. Which it doesn’t, but some mention of the other part of the war would be nice.

HM_EW #3 Page 1


Abnett once again surprises me with his writing. Specifically these characters. I can’t remember off the top of my head if we have seen Catra and Scorpia before in the DC Comics series here. We might have in a small cameo piece, but they are here front and center! They are facing off against She-Ra as the Temple of the Sun rises from beneath the Sans of Time! In this issue Teela aka The Sorceress tells She-Ra about the eyes of Grayskull. She also tells her that the jewel in her sword is made from the same ilk, and it can sense and track the others. I kinda like this, because we see that the jewel in sword isn’t just for show. Plus it proves that She-Ra has somewhat of a different power set than He-Man.

HM_EW #3 Page 2

^Look at the image above… I nearly fell outta my chair laughing at what Scorpia says about He-Man and She-Ra! While Abnett’s writing style doesn’t have as much comedy in it as opposed to Keith Giffen, I’m really loving the tale Abnett is spinning. I think this issue has a bit of social commentary behind it, although I might be reading into it. But the whole arc here where it turns out Scorpia and Catra actually hated Despara….. that is very interesting. In The Secret of the Sword film… we see that they are jealous of Adora when she is still on the Horde’s side. However we never see outright hatred. That’s going to be an interesting angle to explore in the future.

HM_EW #3 Page 3


Once again Mhan and Roberts kill it on art and colors!!! She-Ra and Swiftwind look amazing in every single panel except one, where they were in the background. It’s at a point when She-Ra jumps of Swifty…. I dunno it just looks outta place with the rest of the awesome close up art. The colors on both She-Ra and Swifty are amazing, they didn’t need to add anything to the unicorn at all. The evil Horde members look great too, I really love the classic designs. Catra turning into the cat was impressive, but it looked a bit weird to me after the fact. I dunno, maybe I’m not remembering her as the cat right. I swear she was purple. That honestly might be wishful thinking on my part. However the rest of the art is simply gorgeous!

Final Thoughts:

Eternity War #3 is “Hey, here’s She-Ra!” and her part of the war efforts. Not that I disliked the issue… Far from it, I just think as I said before… They should have included some mention of what the other Masters are doing! Still loving Abnett’s writing, and so ready for more Eternity War! So thankful that Mhan is on the art, and as I said Roberts’s colors really pop. I mean just look at Hordak below… that is so freakin awesome!

HM_EW #3 Page 4

Review Overview

1 Power Sword!!!

She-Ra Vs Catra and Scorpia!

I have to knock this issue just a bit, because of what I mentioned in the review. It seems as if Abnett forgot the cliffhanger he left us on in issue #2. Besides that still loving the series!!!

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