Review of He-Man The Eternity War #4

Eternity War is Here! Issue #4 of the new He-Man ongoing has arrived! This issue has She-Ra looking for the Eye of Chrono, and He-Man attempting to save Rattlor! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!


The Eternity War rages on!!! This time around we bear witness to a battle between She-Ra and Hordak, meanwhile He-Man has Mendor heal Rattlor, and then goes off to chat with Teela aka the Sorceress. I’m really digging the direction that this book is going in. It’s Classic MOTU, but with all kinds of twists and turns!

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Abnett is firing on all cylinders here. There are three major points in this story. The battle between She-Ra and Hordak, He-Man’s search for the next move against the Horde, and the RETURN of an old pupil. After reading is issue when it first released a few months I go, I was never more invested in Dan Abnett’s writing for this series. I’ve gotten used to, and actually really love the way he is writing all the characters. I do miss some of the humor from Keith Giffen’s writing, however Abnett really is giving us the MOTU story we need and deserve! I love how Abnett writes Hordak when facing She-Ra… he twists and turns the emotional knife, but She-Ra has broken free of Hordak. He has no power over her anymore, even though he now has the Power of Grayskull!

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She-Ra puts up an amazing fight against Hordak, even though he beats her pretty badly. She leads him right to the Eye of Chrono, and then at the last possible minute…. there’s a GIANT PURPLE BLAST!!!! Pupil and Teacher meet again, that’s right folks Skeletor has returned!!!!! I so can’t wait to see more insults being traded back and forth between these two classic characters with Abnett’s writing. Skeletor Vs Hordak … gahhh can’t wait to see this!!! As this is happening He-Man and the Sorceress are having a discussion about what lies beyond the door in front of him.  Skeletor escapes with everything royally pissing Hordak off. Dan Abnett’s writing is so fluid here, and each issue I’m loving it more and more.

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Pop Mhan rules Eternian art right now. Everything in this issue is immaculate! The way She-Ra and Hordak are fighting each other, each stance, and motion is all very wondrous! Even though he has no bottom jaw at this point Skeletor still looks imposing as ever. Then there are the backgrounds and the art effects on the swords, gems and more. Mhan really is killing it on this book. There was a freakin’ Wind Raider in this issue… WOW!!! LOVE that classic design. At the end the Evil Warriors surrounding Skeletor look very cool as well. And Roberts’s colors… they all POP so well, if you’ll forgive the obvious pun.

Final Thoughts:

Eternity War #4 is “Prelude to Hordak Vs Skeletor!” That’s not a bad thing at all. I remember when I wrote the review for issue #3… I complained that is was focussed on only 1 aspect of the overall story. Well Abnett seems to have fixed that here. Still loving Abnett’s writing, and so ready for more Eternity War! So thankful that Mhan is on the art, and as I said Roberts’s colors are so gorgeous… .I mean just look at Skeletor and his Evil Warriors with She-Ra at their feet below! He-Man The Eternity War #4 is out now, you can get on Comixology, your local comic shop, and any other place you’ll find comics!

HM_EW #4 Page 4

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She-Ra Vs Hordak TO THE DEATH!

He-Man The Eternity War continues to impress me. Issue #4 here has such a classic Secret of Sword feel to it. Abnett, Mhan, and Roberts kill it on the writing,, art, and colors! If you haven't been reading Eternity War START NOW!

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