Review of He-Man The Eternity War #5

DESTINY OF DOOM!!! The Eternity War rages on!!! This issue was a bit of a surprise. There was so much goodness in it, and then a shock to the system! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!


So this issue picks up right after the last one ended. I love the fluidity, and continuity that Abnett is writing with here. The story this time around is a catch up on Skeletor’s journey. Plus it’s essentially to introduce him to new readers, as well as She-Ra within the story. I honestly have no idea how ANYONE cannot like this series….? It’s firing on all cylinders, and is such a nod to Filmation and the 2002 cartoon series!!!!

HM_EW #5 Page 1


Dan Abnett writes Skeletor so well. And the fact that Skeletor has travelled the multi-verse to see all of his incarnations, that was freakin’ awesome. I don’t care if Eric was “taken out of the story” with it over at Weird Science DC! Eric I’m sorry but you are looney! It added to the story, explained where Skeletor was all this time, for those that hadn’t read DC Universe Vs MOTU!!! OK enough of me giving Eric a hard time…… Destiny of DOOM really adds so much to everything here. We get multiple arcs with the Skeletor-She-Ra-Hordak angle, then everything with the Sorceress and He-Man. I have to say that I was really shocked about what lies beyond the door Teela and He-Man are standing in front of. At the same time, I’m ever so happy that Abnett went in this direction with the story.

HM_EW #5 Page 2

Abnett really is bringing his A game here, and the history behind all this is just so wonderful. The story is fresh, with a hint of familiarity, and then there are bold new directions that add to all of it. I LOVE the interactions between She-Ra and Skeletor. We only ever really saw her interact with him for half a minute in the Secret of the Sword film. So I’m very happy in the way Abnett is crafting this story. With two distinct parts of the story being told here, I believe we have everything any MOTU fan needs!!! We even have a fully healed Skeletor, well to say that he has a bottom lip again. The way Abnett is writing him is very refreshing, because Skeletor wants a new life, a new beginning …. as KELDOR!!!! Holy crap!!!!!! This of course doesn’t go over too well with Evil Lyn, and she steals The Eyes of Grayskull, and brings them to Hordak. My thought when reading this part of the story was…. “Is she going to be the NEW Shadow Weaver??? … or Shadow Weaver’s replacement…???”

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Pop Mhan and Mark Roberts are killing on the art yet again. Mhan has clean lines on all the characters, and Roberts’s coloring is wonderfully done!!!!! Just look at the healed Skeletor… he has NEVER looked more frightening!!!!! Absolutely love it!!!! I understand why the Swords of Power are the way they are now, but I miss the classic Filmation designs!!!!!! In the future scenes Mhan and Roberts really make the City of Eternos look amazing!!!! Plus a half-naked Teela… yowsa!!!! This might the only time where I’ve ever been attracted to Teela.
HM_EW #5 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Eternity War #5 is “HOLY CRAP WHAT A FUTURE!!” After I originally read this, I was dying for issue #6!! If you are not reading this series, you really are missing out!!! It’s really grabbing all my MOTU feels and knocking them on their ass!!! You can get this issue in your local comic shop or at Comixology, or wherever you get your Digital Comics! By the POWER OF GRAYSKULL you all have the power!!!!

HM_EW #5 Page 4

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Uncle Skeletor gives this a 5!


He-Man The Eternity War #5's ending was such a shock, that I really have no words for it. The writing is well done, the art is beautiful, and the MOTU creative team is really bringing their best to us. If you are a MOTU fan you NEED to be reading this!!!!

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