Review of He-Man The Eternity War #6 – The Problem With Power

So Eternity War #6 picks up right where #5 left off…. and we see the City of Eternos 30 Years after the defeat of Hordak. This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!


OK everyone get a NEW pair of pants….. that’s honestly how I felt after reading this issue. There’s so much awesome here! King He-Man, with Beast Man as his security chief, who wears a Battle Cat skin …. JUST RIGHT THERE…… that should have been enough to whet any MOTU fan’s appetite. If that’s not enough…. ORKO is a part of the rebellion and SHE-RA LEADS THE REBELLION!

HM_EW #6 Page 1


Dan Abnett is doing amazing things with this series. That’s a line I NEER EVER thought I’d say, back when Abnett joined the MOTU team in the 2013 ongoing. But the man really has tapped into the Power of Eternity, and given us Masters fans what we deserve!!! We find out that after defeating Hordak 30 Years ago to the day…. He-Man has become a tyrant king himself. He essentially is the Hordak of Eternia. Abnett throws lots of surprises our way in this issue. As I’ve already mentioned the fact that Beast Man is the head of security, and he’s wearing a Battle Cat skin…. YIKES poor Battle Cat!!!! The upside to that is WE FINALLY GET PANTHOR!!!!!! YAY PANTHOR!!!!

HM_EW #6 Page 2

Someone tries to kill the “False King” and this sets up the “Eternity War” Instead of it being between He-Man and Skeletor it’s brother vs sister. There is so much to love here, I have no idea how any MOTU fan can legitimately hate this…. He-Man Vs She-Ra for the fate of Eternia. Abnett writes all the characters so well, and it’s nice to see that Orko isn’t just there for fanservice. I wish there was a Orko one shot. Just so we could explore more of his character. Hell I wish there were more character based one shots here as well. So we get to a point in the story where everything turns red, and the glimpse of the future is over. The Sorceress and He-Man have a discussion that is essentially explaining “The Problem With Power” I’m trying to really gloss over the ending to the issue, because you really need to read it yourself. I’ll say that the ending turned out to be more interesting than I thought what might happen….

HM_EW #6 Page 3


Tom Derenick joins Pop Mhan on art, while Mark Roberts is still doing his impressive colors!!! King He-Man, Queen Teela, Orko, She-Ra, and everyone else look amazing in the future. I’ll say one thing though, it doesn’t look as if Teela or She-Ra has aged at all. Other than that the art is wondrous, and I can’t wait for more. It seems that there will be an art change coming in the next issue, but I’m optimistic about it. At the same time I truly believe Pop Mhan is the best man for the job on this book.

HM_EW #6 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Eternity War #6 essentially “ends” this part of the story, because in the next issue apparently we are going to be getting more “Origin” of Skeletor. I’m not complaining about that, just stating a fact. Issue #6 here was an amazing read, you should really go get it now! You can find it at your local comic shop, on Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics.

HM_EW #6 Page 5

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Eternity War is aiming to be the best of the He-Man stories from DC Comics. It has everything new and old fans alike will enjoy. Why are you not reading this right now!??

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