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Review of IDW’s Jurassic Park Redemption Issues 1-5

Tomorrow I will be watching Jurassic World.  Jurassic Park was an franchise that.  I (pardon the pun), had high hopes for.  The first one, was awe inspiring.  The second and third were just slapped and marketed.  I have no idea, what the fourth has to offer.  However, I was always wondering what happened to Lex and Tim.  Why weren’t they the focus, in future films?  And only an cameo in the second film?  Well thanks to IDW comics. We get to see if Tim and Lex ran Jurassic Park. Thirteen years after their first visit.  John “Grandpa” Hammond has passed.


Lex Murphy is the CEO of LexCorp. “Sigh,” no I’m not making this up.   Basically she has enlisted, an private police force.  To scope out any, life on the island.  Tim however wants to re open Jurassic Park.  And do his best to honor Grandpa’s name.  While doubling and tripling checking.  The security at the facility.  Previous characters from the franchise are mentioned.  Or seen in cameos.  Sadly (I’m assuming), IDW didn’t want to pay for likeness rights.  The characters are not drawn like the actors.  Which was the biggest disappointment.

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I don’t want to put all blame on writer Bob Schreck.  He’s not going back to the well, per say.  You’ve got an interesting brother vs sister idea. Lex feels that the dinos are too dangerous to keep around.  And after everything that they have been through.  I’m surprised Tim still likes Dinosaurs.   You’d figure after almost being ripped to shreds.  From an T-Rex and Raptors.  He’d be behind his sister.  Or Dr. Allen Grant, for that matter.  But instead he still wants Jurassic Park to move forward.  The problem lies the in the characters facial expressions.  What they’re trying to state.  And how they are drawn are not “cooking,” for me.


Dr. Wu (from the 1st movie) returns.  Yet Again, it doesn’t feel.  Like the Dr. Wu, from the first film.  When it comes to Star Wars 2015.  I can read the dialogue. And facial expressions from the characters.  I hate to be repetitive.  Let me put it this way.  With the original novel/movie.  It was telling us the dangers of cloning.  That mankind cannot play God.  Here it just feels like.  Tim wants to do what his grandfather couldn’t achieve.  Just like the the Jurassic Park sequels.  I don’t care about the characters anymore.  Whether they’re returning or not.

Every time I saw an raptor, or T-Rex.  I felt like I was watching a Dino Power Rangers episode.  Just like Hammond never had control of the park.  Writer Robert Schreck didn’t have much control on this mini series.  The artwork continued to feel lifeless.  Dinosaurs going on a rampage, wasn’t as terrifying as it should’ve been.  It this were an novel.  I’d complain, it needed to be visual.  Since it’s an comic, I’m complaining about the art/dialogue.  It’s just a no win situation.  Arms folded, eyes crossed.  Just stay away from an nice try, but no cigar attempt.  The comic mini-series is better than Jurassic Park III.  Yet, that’s not saying much.

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