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I BLAME STEVE/MEGATRON FOR THESE REVIEWS!!!!!! At the same time he was right in the fact that I should read these books!!! Injustice Gods Among Us is apparently an ongoing series leading up to the game.

Based on DC’s latest highly anticipated video game from the makers of Mortal Kombat!

This prequel explains the events leading up to the start of this epic game! 

Continuing my look at the InJustice prequel events in the comic series, this time around are reviews of Issue #3 and #4. Let us start by getting the general info outta the way:


Both issues have the same staff on them.
Written by:
Art by:
Cover by:
Page Count:
U.S. Price:
Issue #3:
On Sale Date:
Mar 27 2013
Issue #4:
On Sale Date:
Apr 24 2013

Issue #3

Injustice Gods Among Us #3


In the third issue we find that the government is gonna fight Superman, and Batman has a scene with the President. Then the book becomes a Wonder Woman story. Because Aries is on a warpath!


Injustice #3 bats

I just can’t get into this issue after Batman is at the White House. As stated above it turns into a Wonder Woman story. The writing is good, but I just didn’t care that muvh for the story, especially after what happened at the end of issue 2. This felt more like filler/expositional storytelling.


Injustice #3 gods 1

Even though I didn’t care about the story this issue, the art is still amazing!!!!!! I love how Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman all look. The designs are just great. Aries looks like such a badass too. So the art is good, the story meh.

Issue #4

Injustice Gods Among Us #4


Injustice #4 Supes V Bats 1

Following a great tragedy, a new world order is proposed. But not every hero is willing to go along with the plan.

It’s hero versus hero in epic, unprecedented battles!


Injustice #4 Supes V Bats 2

Thank god the story progressed. This issue is amazing!!! Tom Taylor is back on track in my mind with the storytelling. It’s Superman Vs Batman! It’s awesome!!!!!! There is even a scene with Dick and Damian! Love that interaction between them. It just goes to further my point that Dick Grayson is more of a father to Damian Wayne then Bruce is. Because this entire issue Bruce ignores the Bat Family for the most part. Issue 4 is the starting point of the heroes choosing sides, whether they’ll side with Superman or Batman.

I love the story in this, it is so action packed. Everyone is all over the place, you have Wonder Woman Vs Aquaman, Superman Vs Batman… it’s just so awesome. All the arguing between Superman and Batman is just how I see their friendship being. Amazing writing this issue. This is a must read.


Injustice #4 Supes V Bats 3

The art in this one is superb! I love the Batman Returns reference with Batman’s mask ripped. I love the imagery of Batman punching Superman. It is just all around a well drawn, colored, designed book. I’m so ready for issue #5!!!!


Injustice #4 Supes V Bats 5

Issues 3 and 4 of this prequel series are interesting. Even though I personally had no interest after the story shifted in #3, others might. Wonder Woman to me is DCAU Justice League or the Lynda Carter 70s TV Series! However issue #4 is a thing of brilliance! I still say everyone who likes the Injustice game should be reading these books!!!

Issue #3 Ratings:

Story: 5/10

Art:  8/10

Overall: 7/10

Issue #4 Ratings:

Story: 10/10

Art:  10/10

Overall: 10/10

Injustice #4 Supes V Bats 6

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