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I BLAME STEVE/MEGATRON FOR THESE REVIEWS!!!!!! At the same time he was right in the fact that I should read these books!!! Injustice Gods Among Us is apparently an ongoing series leading up to the game. This will be a SPOILER FREE Review of Issues #5-6!!!

Continuing my look at the InJustice prequel events in the comic series, this time around are reviews of Issue #5 and #6. Let us start by getting the general info outta the way. Tom Taylor continues his storytelling and Jheremy Raapack does amazing things with the art!  

Issue #5

Injustice 5 #1


Batman has two allies: Damian and Dick Grayson. One is with him, while the other has joined Superman’s cause. The conflict between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel is about to turn very personal. Plus: The Flash travels to Australia and ponders his own allegiances. – See more at:


Injustice 5 #5

I am really enjoying how the print issues are taken from the digital firsts! The fact that we can get three stories into one print book is awesome with this series! I love how almost every issue focusses on one of the Justice League members. In issue #3 it was Wonder Woman, issue #4 Green Lantern, and here in issue #5 we have focus on The Flash! I think that is a great way for the writing to happen.

Injustice 5 #4

The story here is that we see more of the dividing line between Batman and Superman. We see that there are heroes that think Superman is right, and ones that think Batman is right. We see a dividing line within the bat Family, and Two Face shows up, although Superman does stop him. Love reading these stories, they are very interesting, and a nice long look at the Justice League.

Injustice 5 #2


Injustice 5 #3

tom Derenick does Pages 1-10 and 21-30 and Jheremy Raapack does Pages 11-20. The art in issue #5 is just amazing. I love the military style in Batman’s suit. Flash looks great, and they pull of the speed factor very well. I also enjoy the backgrounds. They are so bright and uplifting looking colors and designs. All around great art done in issue #5!!!!

Issue #6

Injustice 6 #1


Batman recovers from a devastating tragedy with only Catwoman at his side, and then goes underground to start developing the resistance against Superman’s new world order—but The Man of Steel is about to take the battle to the next level. – See more at:

Injustice 6 #2


Injustice 6 #3

Tom Taylor is kicking ass with this story. However i will say that I’m confused. In issue #5 there’s a point where Batman says his son is dead. I thought he was referring to Damian, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I love the fact that Catwoman is the one that consoles Batman, and the fact that she shares a few scenes of dialogue with Superman. This issue seems to be where the line is drawn in the sand! The writing is spot on awesome!!!!


Injustice 6 #4

The art once again is superb here! This time around we have three pencilers. Jheremy Raapack, Mike S. Miller, and David Yardin. Even though there are three artists, the style all flows together very well. There was one moment where Catwoman’s goggles looked weird, but other then that the designs are all well done. I find issue #6 is more dark and gritty, because it’s Batman. Whereas in issue #5 there were moments of brightness, because it was the Flash!.


Injustice 6 #5

Issues #5 and 6 were spot on with the writing and the art. There were only two moments that I got flustered while reading these issues. #1 was the misdirection of which Bat Family member dies, and the other was moreso a art thing. As I mentioned above, there is a point where Catwoman’s goggles are drawn strangely, compared to all the other ways they are shown in issue #6. Because of these two minor things, for me I have to give the following ratings for both issues… I’ll be back after Issues #7-8 are out!

Issue #5 Rating:


Issue #6 Rating:


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