Review of Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #1

Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #1

SW Shattered Empire CVR A

Today Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto’s 4 issue mini Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens Shattered Empire begins! Here’s my Spoiler Free Review of Issue #1.

So we are at the point now where the comics are building up to when THE FORCE AWAKENS! When I first heard about this miniseries I got very excited. I always wanted to know what happened AFTER Return of the Jedi. Thanks to a new film coming this December…. I finally am able to find out. I have not read anything Rucka or Checchetto have done since The Pull Bag Eps 45, 46, 47, and 48. That was a part of our Punisher Month in 2013. I loved their Punisher run, so I’m very interested in seeing what they do for Star Wars! Firs I’ve gotta talk about a couple of the variant covers, and the main cover. The main cover to issue #1 shown above is very awesome. It’s done by artist Phil Noto. I like the celebration styling he implements. As this 4 issue mini will tie events from the end of Jedi into what happens in The Force Awakens.

SW Shattered Empire CVR CThe Variant seen above is by Checchetto and is sweet looking representation of the end of Return of the Jedi. Love the colors and the way the Storm Trooper helmet envelops everything within the scene!

SW Shattered Empire CVR D

It is always nice seeing hyperspace! LIGHTSPEED, RIDICULOUS SPEED, LUDICROUS SPEED!

SW Shattered Empire Titles

And… here… we… go! Off into a Galaxy Far Far Away! After reading this first issue I really can’t wait for the next one. We see a bunch of new rebel pilots and more. If you are looking for a Star Wars comic to tide you over til The Force Awakens this is the miniseries for you!

SW Shattered Empire Page 1


So we are introduced to many new characters, but the main two in this issue are Lieutenant Bey and Sergeant Dameron. Rucka’s writing style for this first issue is interesting. While I was reading it… it felt like I was hearing Walla. Because the way the story is structured the characters are talking in fractured bits. Kind of like broken up radio transmissions. This is AFTER the battle in space. I’m enjoying how Rucka is coming up with the ways to have Chewbacca speak. Even though we can’t understand a thing he’s saying. That really isn’t a problem, because Han Solo is here to interact with him. If you really think about it Han is Chewy’s C-3PO and Chewy is Han’s R2D2!!!Love the interaction between Shara and Commander Skywalker. the coolest moments here in the first issue is that we see Luke exactly once, and then it’s everyone else’s story.

SW Shattered Empire Page 2

With this being only the second comic series to date that I’ve read Rucka’s writing. I have to say that this first issue was very enjoyable. I felt no confusion while reading it on which characters were which. He also really gets the Star Wars universe with the lines between Lando and Han… I thought that was especially nice. The character building is well done, and we get little tidbits as we go along into each character. The focus is on Kes and Shara though. They have great chemistry, and Rucka has made me want to know more about them. Overall I think every Star Wars fan will love this miniseries and Greg Rucka’s writing.

SW Shattered Empire Page 3


Marco Checchetto’s art is simply amazing. LOOK at the FALCON!!! That’s just gorgeous!!! The space backgrounds are well done, and the action of the fight scenes. Andres Mossa is the colorist here, and wow! The colors are so bright and vibrant, yet at the times when they need to be they can be dark. I kinda think he made Han a bit too young looking… I mean see the image at the bottom of the review. He looks like he just came off his first Smuggler’s Run! Other than that… the rest of the art is beautful, and oh man when you guys see the DEATH STAR you are gonna swoon! It looks so good on the comic pages here!

SW Shattered Empire Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #1 of Shattered Empire has a ton of cool moments in it. It’s a very good start to the story!  Looking forward to issue #2 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Shattered Empire #1 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

SW Shattered Empire Page 5

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If you are wanting to whet your whistle for a new star wars story in preparation for The Force Awakens this miniseries is the place you should be. Shattered Empire is off to a wonderful start. After reading this first issue I have many questions though.... So I'll say grab this, try it, and see if you are as excited for issue #2 as I am!

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