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Justice League Beyond 2.0

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Continuing the epic animated universe crossover. JL Beyond 2.0 Chapter 22 continues to expand on The Lord Superman Wonder Woman story. This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED  Review! 

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Justice Lords Beyond The Return of Wonder Woman “World War” Part 6 of 8

I think Ryan Drost from Star Joes was right. OR he will be right in the future. Apparently I only really care about the Bat Family in the DC Universe. Oh sure I love Wally West Flash, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl from the DC Animated Universe…. However when you get outside of those original 7 or 8 if you count Green Arrow… characters my interest begins to wane terribly. This was another one of those moments.

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Even with my statement above, I still found the characterization of Mr. Mircale and Barda heart warming. The fact that being “The Ultimate Escap Artist” isn’t what you think it is. Gage wrote that perfectly. This chapter is all about war between the lords and the league. Honestly there isn’t much story here. But that’s not a bad thing, because the last two chapters were mostly all story. So it’s nice to see a knock down drag out fight! right? For what writing there is Gage excels again and again at nailing the personalities of these characters.

JLB_2_Chap22 Page 2

I do love the way Gage writes both LORD and League Superman. That is awesome characterization, and I can hear both Christopher MacDonald as League and George Newbern as LORD Superman in my head when I read this comic now. I love how Gage keeps up the contrasts between all the LORDs and Leaguers as well. Nothing seems out of place or character.


JLB_2_Chap22 Page 3

Dexter Soy is an amazing artist. He kills it on this book with these battle scenes. I also love his emotional scenes as well. The colors and lines are all very clean and streamlined. I love the differences between LORD and League Superman’s costumes and style. Plus League Superman is OLD now…. he’s not as old and wrinkly as Bruce, but he aint as young as LORD Superman. The two Barda’s are almost unmistakable. Even though one is locked up and the other isn’t… they look so much alike. I don’t even think I noticed a different uniform on Lady Barda. However I could be wrong. I have no idea what Gage and Soy will do after this crossover arc, but my interest is slightly piqued. To see if the art stye remains the same or changes.

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Final Thoughts:

This issue raises a few more questions with the little writing that was here. How will Lord Superman and Wonder Woman react after learning their son is alive and well? I can’t wait to see what happens next! You should  go get JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 22. This is the twelfth overall chapter of the JUSTICE LORDS OF GOTHAM crossover! All within the Batman Beyond Universe, and you won’t wanna miss a second of it! You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to go beyond all expectations!

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OH LORDY This issue will have Complications!

All Out WAR!

If you are looking for Lord on League action, this is the issue for you!

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