Review of Marvel Star Wars Issue # 3 (Semi-Spoilers)

Marvel’s Star Wars Issue three continues the whole.  At-At Walker/Vader Battle.  It still holds up with some dialogue less panels.   The Rebels don’t seem to have a problem.  Using the Sith Technology against their masters.  Just to see that magnificent At-At walker.  Gunning down the Sith.  Fallen bodies, being shot up with lasers.  Luke on a speer-bike.  Going all Optimus Prime, through Storm-troopers.  Vader emerging from the death and destruction.  Of his fallen comrades.


Moving onto Leia and Han in the Walker.  They’ve tried to stop on Vader in the last issue.  Only for him to use the force.  To prevent being squashed like a bug.  Some great visuals of Chewie.  Using one arm to manhandle an Sandperson.  While using his blaster with another.  They do their best to escape.  Unfortunately, they get caught up in another father/son battle.  Granted we all know the final Luke/Vader conflict.  As well what Luke can do on an speeder-bike.  Yet Aaron is still able not to cookie cut the conflict.


Next let’s discuss one of the best, money shots to date.  Vader using his light saber on an At-At Walker.  Han, Luke and Leia do their best.  To take him out.  However, they couldn’t do it in Episode IV.  What makes you think, an At-At or speeder-bike could do it?  We do get an tender moment of the future couple.  Han and Leia, looking into each others eyes.  As Vader starts by chopping off one foot.  They do think it’s their last moments on earth.  Making it a much better, “I Love you.”  Al-la the end of Episode V.  For anyone who has played Knights of the Old Republic.  You know what crystal to upgrade, for an lightsaber.  To take out an mechanical nightmare, can do.

Watching the At-At crash to the ground.  Is just visually breathtaking.  Excellent work per usual from John Cassaday.  And let’s talk about Cassaday’s work for the moment.  He knows how to illustrate the facial expressions. Making Leia, Luke, Han, ECT. More realistic.  Giving the reader an sense.  To feel the characters predicament. Granted it is a challenge to make Vader emotional.  After all, it’s all in the voice.  Yet, somehow Cassaday is able take the march.  A flick of the wrist.  A bow of the helmet.  To make Vader somewhat emotional.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

The issues are short, sweet and to the point.  With the combination of dialogue-less panels.  Making the characters more and more lifelike.  It’s still the story we wanted to see.  Luke still feels the weight on his shoulders.  Feeling like a failure.  Not knowing what the next decision will lead.  Star Wars was always about the action.  And those impressive battles.  It’s 3-0, meaning there isn’t a disappointment factor.  Problem is, just when it’s getting good.  It’s over. And on for it’s eager fans to wait for next month.

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Ashes, Ashes, The At-At Falls Down

Darth Vader, going one on one. With a At-At Walker. Per usual solid artwork from John Cassaday. Adding both awesome visuals, and facial expressions.

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