Review of Masters Of The Universe #1: Origin of Hordak

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We are two issues into the monthly ongoing MOTU comic, and now DC releases Origin of Hordak. Check out my SPOILER FREE Review!! I’ll say this, it’s telling a story for Hordak unlike you have ever seen before! 

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Hordak, most of us know him from the She-Ra cartoon. Others might know him from the previous comic series. Needless to say I was very interested to see what origin that Keith Giffen would give Hordak. Boy is it a doozy!!!!

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This is one weird ass story. I generally have loved Keith Giffen’s writing, but this is just way outside of my realm of believing in a a story. It chronicles events 1,000 years before the birth of Adam. It takes place on Horde World. The writing for me is just not that great. I just didn’t like the story honestly. That is until the end, the final panel is kinda awesome.

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Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish’s art is the saving grace for this Origin story for me. Every panel pops off the page. It is so well done, and the images tell a better story then the writing. I really enjoy all the purples, explosions, and battlefield backgrounds. They are all well done, and honestly I can only recommend this to see the art style.

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Final Thoughts:

I thought that this was gonna be better then what it actually was. So far the He-Man and Skeletor origins books are much better then this, I suggest that you read those. Even though I’m gonna give this a barely passing rating, it really is kinda bad. I dunno maybe I’m missing something here…..

Final Rating:


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