Review of Masters Of The Universe #1: Origin of Skeletor

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Jumping back a bit with this MOTU Comic Review. In this issue we find out the Origin of Skeletor, and it’s a SPOILER FREE Review

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A few months ago I learned of the MOTU Origins one shots, and I even already reviewed the He-Man issue. DC is doing a great job with these single issue “spotlight” stories. I absolutely love them. Now we have the Origin of Skeletor. After reading this issue, I was like what, wait, woah! I hadn’t realized just how connected He-Man and Skeletor are.

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Joshua Hale Fialkov does the writing in this story, and it is awesome writing. It chronicals how Keldor grew up in the shadow of Randor. Without spoiling it, I’m sure you have seen this brother vs brother storyline before. However what makes it interesting in the MOTU universe is that most everyday MOTU fans might not know this back story. I’ve often said that I want more continuity and I want to find out how things came to be within the universe of MOTU. This seems to take place before and after Randor became King, but I can’t tell if Matleena is there or if Adam has been born yet. I’ll say this if you’ve been a He-Man fan over the years, you are really gonna want to read this. It is a very interesting tale.

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The art in this is done by Frazer Irving, and it’s just amazing. The designs on Randor, Keldor, Hordak, and more are all true to what we know. As Keldor goes through the changes from being himself to Skeletor, the designs are just superbly done!!! I can’t say enough how beautiful and creepy the art in this is. That might be a weird thing to say, but it’s so true. The whole “his face is burning off” is pulled off very well. No pun intended.

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Final Thoughts:

I bought this thinking that there’d be more to the story. Most of us know the Keldor/Skeletor backstory. The one thing that stops me from giving this a perfect rating is the fact that they never explain WHY Hordak needs Randor’s blood. I’m hoping somewhere down the line in the new ongoing it might be explained. I definitely think any and all MOTU fans should read this.

Final Rating:


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