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NEW City, NEW Friends, and NEW Enemies, are what await Dick Grayson in Nightwing 19! Nightwing Goes to Chicago, on the hunt for Tony Zucco. SPOILERS BELOW!!!

Nightwing 19 Cover Splash

Editor’s Note: The images were from the Maxim preview of Nightwing #19. (No idea why a comicbook preview is in maxim, but oh well)

Even though recently I read and reviewed Nightwing Vol 1, that isn’t where I started reading the book. I had to see what the Joker was gonna do to Dick Grayson, during Death Of the Family. So my reading of New 52 Nightwing started with issue #15.

I digress though, as we need to talk about what Nightwing is doing now. After the shocking revelation that Tony Zucco is alive, and in Chicago. That is where we find our hero.

Nightwing Second City


Kyle Higgins continues to impress me, with his character development of Dick Grayson. Both in and out of the Nightwing costume, we are getting to see so many sides of him. He is no longer “just the former boy wonder” Because there haven’t been superheroes in Chicago in sometime, the book starts out with the police chasing after Nightwing. After he escapes, we are taken to the next day, and the Mayor’s speech about Western Station. Grayson meets up with his new roommate, and they head to the apartment.

During the apartment scene, what I love about the writing in this is that Dick comes out and says that he isn’t about to ask Bruce for anything. The whole point of Nightwing being in Chicago, is so he can hunt down Tony Zucco. Before Tony even knows he’s there. Sadly that goes out the window, because the police, and the mayor now know about Nightwing.

I really love how Kyle writes the story. It’s fluid and flows so well. There’s so many plot lines going on all at the same time. I love the fact that Nightwing rides the L-Train to get around the city. That is very cool. If you are fans of the BTAS episode Robin’s Reckoning 2 parter, you’ll love reading this new arc in Nightwing!!!

Nightwing Kevlar


Brett Booth takes over the art duties starting in Nightwing 19. I loved Eddy Barrows art style, and covers from the previous issues of the book. As much as I loved them, I really am enjoying Brett Booth’s designs with the art.

As I mentioned in the Batman and Batgirl reviews, with the 19 issues DC is doing splash covers! I freakin’ love that. Especially with the nightwing 19 cover! Well just look above in this post, and you’ll see why.

What I’m loving between Nightwing 18-19  is the design on Dick Grayson out of costume. During the #18 issue, I wasn’t quite liking the way he looked. However with Brett Booth taking over, and making slight tweaks to Grayson, I’m loving it. I love how Booth designs the other characters, and Tony Zucco looks mean as hell.

Final Thoughts:

As stated above if you want to know more about Dick Grayson Nightwing, the 19 issue would be a perfect starting point. However I still recommend going back and starting from the #0 issue. Between the great storytelling and the eye popping art, Nightwing 19 is a must get! I can’t wait to see where this new arc takes Dick Grayson!!!

Overall Score: 10/10

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