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Nightwing #22 has our hero trying to figure out how to stop The Prankster! We even see more of Tony Zucco’s new life! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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For anyone that has been following me on twitter or facebook for the last month, you will know that I’m very skeptical about DC Comics future. Especially a future that may not have  MY FAVORITE  character in it. Steve and I talked about Villains Month, Forever Evil, and more in The Pull Bag Ep 21. In that episode I stated that if DC kills off Dick Grayson/Nightwing, I’ll drop almost everything I’m getting from them. Until that happens though, I’m just enjoying Kyle Higgins’s writing on this title.

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Just like Batgirl 22, this does not disappoint at all. You have an awesome confrontation right of the bat! Then there’s some stuff going on with Grayson’s roommate Michael, and Dick also meets with his other roommate. Who has the strangest accent in my head when I read her lines. In many of my written reviews in the last few weeks, I’ve said it’s sooo hard not spoiling the events that happen. It is so true. One slip of a keystroke, and I could reveal a major plot point. Something that you should find out for yourself. That is how damn good this series is. Kyle Higgins since issue 19 has had two loves here. His favorite character and his hometown! So you can definitely tell in the writing that he cares deeply for both. The Prankster’s plan takes one step closer to being complete, and Nightwing must stop him no matter the cost.

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Kyle Higgins is telling stories that are compelling, they pull you in, and do not want to let yo go. Everything about his writing style is just awesome! This issue reveals that even Nightwing can make mistakes, and it also reveals just where Tony Zucco went. I really enjoyed the Zucco part of the issue, it was very well written, and it’s interesting to see how the man acts in life these days.

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Even though I was sad to see Brett Booth go, I have to say the transition to Will Conrad was almost seamless. i’m often worried when books change artists. I’ve heard through Kyle Higgins’ twitter account that Will Conrad is the full time artist on Nightwing now. I haveta say that his style is very awesome. I mean just look at the image above, where nightwing is upside down. That is damn cool!!!!!

Nightwing 22 #4

Final Thoughts:

Everyone who has loved Dick Grayson in the past needs to be reading this series. END. OF. STORY. If you started with issue 19 you do not wanna miss anything going forward!!!!  Bring on issue #23!!!!

Final Rating:

Nightwing 22 #5


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