Review of Nightwing #23 – World Turned Upside Down

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Nightwing #23 has our hero saving a HOT REDHEAD, that isn’t Barbara Gordon. Plus we find out Tony Zucco’s SHOCKING DECISION! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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EPIC  stories are being told by Kyle higgins here in Nightwing. At first I was skeptical of bringing Tony Zucco back from the dead, but it’s turning out to be a damn well written story arc. Here in issue #23 we see the choices Tony is faced with, plus The Prankster and his goon squad blowing up Chicago!

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Kyle Higgins continues his masterful storytelling here in issue #23. I’ve only ever seen and heard of the general act as to how and why Tony Zucco killed John and Mary Grayson. I’m not sure if in the old continuity there were many stories on them. Specifically before their death. So seeing what Kyle is doing here in the NEw 52, really gives me an insight into the characters. Nightwing is written as per usual with the great one linres, and Batman like sarcasm. OK maybe not Batman-like, but you know what I mean damnit. So nightwing saves the girl, and heads off to find the Prankster. This story may seem to be dragging out WHO The Prankster is, but I love the mystery behind it all. It’s not moving slow as molasses, unlike ZERO YEAR. Kyle continues to perfect Dick Grayson as his own man, stepping out of the Shadow of the Bat. I also really enjoy all the NEw characters in Chicago that Kyle has introduced us to.

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Bret Booth did the cover for issue 323, but it’s Will Conrad’s art inside the pages that soars in my mind. I’m not saying that I don’t miss Booth as the overall artist, but Conrad seems to have transitioned nicely. Again I’ve noticwed slight art tweaks throughout the Nightwing run, but the general costume design, and all that are still awesome looking. I love how Conrad draws explosions of color inplaces that you normally wouldn’t see said colors. Every character design is interesting in it’s own way. The backgrounds, and design of the City of Chicago is superbly put onto the page.

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Final Thoughts:

I am unsure of what even to write here, it’s become that redundant every month. GO READ NIGHTWING NOW!!!!!!!

Final Rating:

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