Review of Nightwing #24 – A City Aflame…..A Hero Alone!

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Nightwing #24 is here! We see Nightwing go up against the Prankster, and Billy Lester is helping him?  This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

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The team of Kyle Higgins and Will Conrad is amazing. I know I’ve said this before, but since issue #0 the art has always been gorgeous, amazing, awesome, everything is great about it. From Eddy Barrows, to Brett Booth, and others. Will Conrad takes the reigns of Nightwing, and electrifies the senses! I love how this entire series has progressed in the writing as well. Kyle loves the Grayson character, and you can tell.

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This is my Nightwing! I get it that everyone loves the BLUE, I do too in the animated series, but as I’ve said many times before….. The Red just pops more! Plus again stated before, the Red reminds me of the Batman Beyond suit.

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Nightwing #24 puts a ending to the current Chicago storyline. The entire issue I couldn’t put it down for even one second. Kyle Higgins has taken the Nightwing/Dick Grayson character to new heights of awesomeness. Everything you have been wanting to know since Nightwing came to Chicago back in issue #19 gets revealed here. I love how Kyle works in a nod to Batman’s way of thinking. After all Dick was trained by him. I love the dialogue between all the characters. I love the reveals that we get with the story. Just everything about Nightwing #24 is freakin’ awesome!!!

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Will Conrad was announced to be the permanent artist for the foreseeable future. I’m loving the way Conrad has designed Chicago, and all the characters within this city against heroes. I love how he’s designing Nightwing. Even the Prankster design is damn cool. I love how the story flows by the art as well as the writing. I can’t wait to see the story for the Zero Year tie in, and so much more!

Final Thoughts:

Why are you still reading this? GO GET NIGHTWING #24 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta give this a perfect rating once again. There is nothing in the writing or the art that I didn’t like.

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Final Rating:


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    1. thanks! Yeah it’s been awesome!!!!!! Never a dull moment. I’ll be spoiling the hell outta this and other Bat Books later this month in The Pull Bag Ep 40.

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