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Nightwing #27 is here, find out who Mali really is, and stay for a spot of tea with the MAD HATTER! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

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So issue 27 also came in a Scribblenauts Variant cover as you can see above. Thanks to TV’s Mr. Neil for putting the covers side by side. I’ve not yet gotten into the Scribblenauts stuff, but I’ve seen vids online, and it’s pretty cool. However I didn’t feel the URGENT need to have the variant this time around, as I didn’t have the extra cash.. the comic shop wanted for it. 

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Kyle Higgins does it again. Issues 26 and 27 feel like a 2 part story. They pretty much are. Here in issue 27 we have Nightwing reluctantly teaming up with Marionette to bring down the Mad Hatter. This issue has everything, along with some really hardcore soap opera drama in Grayson’s home life. Higgins is amping up towards the Repercussions that will be seen in Nightwing 29 and beyond. The way he wrote this story it’s doing several things for the reader. It kinda is putting a question mark on Dick’s life in Chicago, and it’s also telling a great mystery story as far as the origins of Mali. We also get to see in the story what exactly the Mad Hatter is using the Kanium for. We also have Nightwing throwing his quips out there are the villain, and that’s what makes this issue so great in the writing. Lines like, “See I knew I preferred the March Hare for a reason.” 

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So with this reluctant team up of Marionette and Nightwing we have them on the search for the Mad Hatter, and Mali just wants to find out more about her past. I’m gonna say this now I’ll be real sad when this Chicago setting story ends. Because Higgins has done an amazing job setting Dick Grayson up on his own in a city other than Gotham. 

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Will Conrad and Cliff Richards are on art in this issue, and Pete Pantazis is the colorist. I love this team on Nightwing, because the styles all mesh together very well. I really enjoyed how the page above is fragments of Mali’s memory There are also two very cool closeup shots on Nightwing’s mask, they look so cool. The great thing about the art here is that there are amazing action shots, as well as slow emotional scenes. Love it when a team of artists can balance the two.

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Final Thoughts:

Nightwing #27 is again a great read! You have to grab this to see how life in Chicago is slowly deteriorating for Dick Grayson. Because next time in issue 28 we might be feeling the effects of Forever Evil. If you have been a fan of the Kyle Higgins run at all, you will not be disappointed with NW #27!!!! Go get it now!!!!!

Final Rating:


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