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Nightwing #28 is here, find out just what is going on after the Tony Zucco arc! And a little girl knows a secret! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

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FIRST OFF… thanks to my friend TV’s Mr. Neil for combining the covers. Check out his webcomic Daisen!

As you can tell Nightwing is also getting in on the steampunk variants this month. I love how the cariant pays homage to the blue suit. I’ve been a big fan and positive opinion for Nightwing in RED. Don’t get me wrong I love the blue suit, but this is the NEW 52 after all. With the regular cover… all these hands reaching for Nightwing’s throat… I thought this meant the events of Forever Evil would have caught up to the ongoing. However that most likely won’t happen til the FINAL two issues of the series. Yeah you read that right… at issue #30 Nightwing as an ongoing is done… I’m just gonna relish in the stories we have left to read, versus getting on my soapbox again. 

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I LOVE how Kyle Higgins starts this one out… “OK I can eplain…” That’s awesome. As you can see from the image above it’s Nightwing and Batgirl falling to the street! Or is it…. the first half of this issue is all battle! As per usual Higgins is on top of his game! I wasn’t sure where this story was going in the beginning. We have this villain Spinedenderwho is wreaking havoc on Chicago, by doing battle with Nightwing. This villain is the male Mystique of the DC Universe. A Shapeshifer, and a very crafty one at that. I love the inner monologue Kyle gives Nightwing. Grayson throws puns like Spidey shoots his webshooters. It’s simply amazing. 

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After the battle we then go to Dick Grayson’s home life. I’ve been dying to see more of this since the Jen character discovered Dick’s secret. I’m not entirely sure where Kyle is going with this part of the storyline, but I really like it. The character moments are very well written, and the suspense is even better. Higgins knows how to write great mysteries! This story sets up so many potential future adventures, but I doubt we’ll be getting those. I do like how Higgins brings it back around and pretty much turns the tables on Dick Grayson. You’ll have to read the issue to see what I mean. 

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Starting with Eddy Barrows the Nightwing ongoing has had a slew of artists on the book. For the most part changing artists hasn’t ever really been a HUGE nitpick for me. I have a few reasons why that is… #1 as long as each NEW artist remains true to most of the character models that I’ve already seen I’m good, #2 giving your own spin on Nightwing’s costume is great, as long as the core elements remain the same. #3 the only time I’ve ever judged the art in this ongoing harshly is when I don’t think Grayson is being drawn or colored correctly. This I believe has only ever happened twice. OK so this issue the art is done by Russell Dauterman, and damn is it great art. Very fluid, and the character models all look amazing. The backgrounds are great, and the colors pop very well. LOVE the design on Spinebender, all the different effects and shapeshifting is drawn and colored wonderfully. There were a few times I thought Dick’s design was a little off, but other than that. Everything about this art is just gorgeous.

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Final Thoughts:

Nightwing #28 is again a great read! You have to grab this to see how life in Chicago is slowly moving towards some kinda conclusion for Dick Grayson. Because next time in issue 29 we will be feeling the effects of Forever Evil. If you have been a fan of the Kyle Higgins run at all, you will not be disappointed with NW #28!!!! Go get it now!!!!!

Final Rating:


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