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Nightwing #29 is here, and it’s the end of a three year run for Kyle Higgins. See just how he closes out his era with Dick Grayson-Nightwing. THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE Review!

NW #29 Cover

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Goodbye Kyle….I loved your run with Nightwing, because you have such a LOVE for the character of Dick Grayson. It did break my heart reading issue #29, and I’ll miss this storyline for NW. I wish you could have taken the character further, and I would have loved those stories as I have the past 31 issues. YES readers you read that right. Kyle Higgins wrote 31 issues of Nightwing with #0-29 and Annual #1. 

NW #29 Page 1


What a way to kind of end the Nightwing run, at least for Kyle Higgins… Sure we will have issue #30 next month by James Tynion IV, but this was Kyle’s swan song. And boy does it tug on the emotional heart strings. Maybe not for others, but it did for me. EVERYTHING gets wrapped up here. And the message at the end of this story is just …. I can’t even put it it into words. I will say from issue 0 to now Kyle Higgins crafted some amazing characters both old and new! He gave Nightwing a reprieve from always being in Batman’s shadow. He made Dick Grayson his own man, and Nightwing his own hero.  

NW #29 Page 2

What an amazing ending! If you have been a Nightwing fan at any point in your life, and you have read through the New 52 run… this issue does put a perfect heartfelt period on this chapter of Dick Grayson’s life. I’m not even sure I can write more than that, without having to reread the issue. Then the emotions will be flowing even more. 

NW #29 Page 3


Russell Dauterman really did a stellar job. His designs on Dick, and the characters in Chicago were different, but great. There are things that I could nitpick about… like the suit being not the exact design I’m used to seeing. However I understand every artist needs to put their own spin on the characters. There was nothing in the art that I didn’t like…. and that last page was simply awesome!!!

NW #29 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Nightwing #29 was Kyle’s love letter to the character and us the fans. Go get it now!!! I will be writing one final Nightwing review for issue #30 next month… then it’s over.

NW #29 Page 5

Final Rating:


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