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Princess Leia #1

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“There is another….” Princess Leia gets her own mini series with Marvel now having the Star Wars comics back, they have given Leia 5 issues and it’s nice seeing her as the main focus! Here’s my spoiler free review of Princess Leia #1!

So before my introduction below… I wanted to take this time to talk about the variant covers that you see above. I had Steve Megatron make this image for The Pull Bag… So I could talk about these covers… without having to insert each one individually. The cover you see on the far left is the main regular cover. I really like this one, because it shows Leia being a badass!!!The one next to that is an awesome movie homage cover. I think the center one is my favorite of the variants though. It shows Leia again being ab badass, and R2D2 looks awesome there. The one on the far right is a great toy packaging looking variant. That’s just genius!!!!!

PL #1 Titles

So after the interesting story startup in the first issue… Can the second one live up to, and continue it? Well yeah!!! Really digging this series so far! Gillen knows how to write great action scenes, as well as the political aspects of the Star Wars Universe. As we open up issue #2 that’s exactly what we get. The political side of the story. On the creative team we have Mark Waid writing, Terry and Rachel Dodson on pencils and inks, and Jordie Bellaire on colors. I’ll admit the only other time I’ve read anything Mark Waid has written was when MovieRevolt Dan and I reviewed Captain America: Man Out of Time in THE PULL BAG EPISODE 61! I know I should read more of his stuff, I’ll get to it!!! But this was a surprise to see him writing the Leia mini. I’m ver intrigued to see how he writes the characters. Let us get into it!

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Mark Waid starts us off with what we never got to see in between Star Wars and Empire. We see what happens AFTER the awards ceremony. I remember when I was a kid… the first time I ever saw Star Wars, I was like wait… that’s it… it’s over? I’ve always felt that Episode IV needed something more at the end. I have no idea what, but it neded a teaser for Empire. OK I’m getting off track here. Waid’s writing surprised me in this first issue. I mean JUST from watching the films… I know Leia to be a rebel warrior. It never really occurred to me to look at her life as a princess. That’s exactly what Waid does here. He explores the struggles Leia has with the royal traditions and wanting to be a part of the action. As the story progresses we see Evaan, a female pilot who wants to uphold the royal traditions. She is a very proper acting character, and she kinda hates Leia in the beginning of the story. I do love how Waid includes Luke and Wedge in the story. I’m surprised Han wasn’t in it more. Leia wants Evaan to talk to her matter of factly….. Because as a princess… Leia seems unapproachable. However that’s not what she wants. I do like this beginning, and I’m definitely loving the way Waid has written these characters. I’m surprised to see Admiral Ackbar this early, but his scenes were awesome. I’m just waiting for “it’s a trap!” LOL

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Terry and Rachel Dodson on pencils and inks is great here. The comic looks very Star Wars like. Everything seems to fit into the universe. There are no real problems I have with the art. I love the space backgrounds, the way the vehicles look, and the colors by Jordie Bellaire bring it all together! I love how the Dodsons’ have moved away from the standard Leia Earmuffs hairstyle. They make her look regal, yet ready for action.

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Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #1 of Princess Leia has me wondering where the story will go in the next 4 issues! The story is nicely setup, and I’m intrigued by the character evolution of Leia and Evaan! Looking forward to issue #2 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Princess Leia #1 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops!

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Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobie, you are my only hope!

Where's the scruffy looking nerfhearder?

Princess Leia is going to be an interesting 5 issue mini series. One that we finally get the P.O.V. of Leia herself when it comes to everything going on in this galaxy far far away. If you always wanted to see this side of the story pick this issue and the rest of the series up!

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