Review of Silk #1

Silk #1

With 2015 here, I’ve decided to give a few Marvel titles a try. One I’m trying is Silk. Apparently this character spins her web outta Spider-Verse! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!

Silk #1 Alt

^Above is the variant cover to Silk #1. I just like that one more than the regular cover. So on the writing we have  Robbie Thompson, this is the first I’ve read his writing. I am enjoying it!!! The Main Artist is Stacey Lee, and she does an excellent job here. As the  Color Artist we have Ian Herring, who does the colors very well here. As far as covers go we have Dave Johnson on the regular covers, and Variant Covers are done by Stacey Lee & Skottie Young. Really loving the creative team here!!! I think what I love about this team is that they are people I’ve never heard of. this allows me to go in with fresh eyes. With a character I’ve only heard about in passing.

Silk #1 Page 1


Robbie Thompson’s writing here is really great. It gave me the back story of who Cindy Moon is, and how she got her Spider Abilities. After that it’s a fresh open story. It’s not Peter Parker or Miles morales, or any of the classic Spider-Men. It’s a character and story I feel I can dig into….. without needing 53 years of baggage! So in this first issue we meet Cindy Moon aka Silk. I’m very happy that they gave her a non Spider name. I separates her and allows her to be connected to the Spider-Verse all at the same time. As issue 1 brings us into Silk’s world, we see that she isn’t too punny right away. She needs to work on her quips. After all not everyone can be Peter Parker right? Thompson gives us a back story that isn’t heavy-handed at all. It shows us where Cindy came from, at the same time showing us where she’s going. This story is written for people who grew up in the 80s and 90s… especially with the Pokemon reference. I found myself having fun reading this story. I can’t wait to see where the series goes!!!

Silk #1 Page 2


Stacey Lee and Ian Herring do a superior job on the art and colors. Silk’s costume looks great, and the action poses she has are wonderfully drawn. We also have great emotionally charged drawings in the character’s faces. When Cindy is talking about her family the backgrounds and characters all look great. I love how Silk and Spider-Man look together, and it will be interesting to see if Spidey shows up in future issues. Lee and Hering have created a super heroine character that meets all the great Spider expectations!!! Even the villain Dragonclaw looks great. I’m interested to see what happens with him next… considering what happens to him in this issue.

Final Thoughts:

Silk seems to be me new favorite Marvel series. Well one of them anyways. What I love the most about it is that it’s fresh and new to me. Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, and Ian Herring, along with the rest of the creative team have done an excellent job here! I highly recommend checking out this first issue!!!

Silk #1 Page 3

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Final Score

Reading this was Smooth as Silk!

Silk is an interesting new character, that I feel new and old readers of Marvel can get into. The first issue has no EMO teen moments or anything like that. It's fun, funny, and action packed!!!

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