Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #47 (Spoilers)

COMIC SERIES: IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ISSUE: #47

WRITERS/ARTISTS: Tom Waltz, Bobby Curnow, Kevin Eastman/Mateus Santolouco, Ronda Pattison


As Casey, Angel and Alopex stand against Hun and the Purple Dragons, Shredder and Stockman unleash the first wave of their attack against the Turtles.


As we approach the 50th issue of this wonderful series, the stakes continue to be piled up against our heroes, despite them taking care of one of their Big Bads (Krang back in Issue #44) and they don’t seem to be catching a break here either. Not since Shredder and Stockman begin the first stage of their attack against the Turtles and Splinter, but I am jumping ahead of myself (since that starts at the end of this Issue), so I will go back to the beginning.

This installment begins where #46 left off with Hun in a drunken state, bringing the rest of the Purple Dragons to the door-step of the ’Second Time Around’ shop and calling Casey out. So we get a good old fashioned street brawl between the younger Jones, Nobody and Alopex vs. Hun and his Thugs.

But just as it looks like the trio are outnumbered and about to get a battering (Casey especially…again), John O’Neil, Arune (the corner-shop owner who Casey helped out previously) and the rest of the neighborhood join in and give the bullies a beating for a change. It was great to see the Citizens standing up for themselves and it also gave Casey a win…finally (I was starting to think that he was just their to get his hide beaten).

There were also some great moments between him and his Dad (a term I use very loosely when it comes to Hun) and once more the writers have shown that they can turn a one-note character like Casey Jones into a multi-layered person. I never really cared for him in the franchise, but like Michelangelo in this series, Casey is now one of my favorite characters.

I also liked seeing the Police appear and arrest Hun, though after reading 45+ issues of this series, I was beginning to wonder where they were, what with all the Ninja and Mutant attacks going on around New York. I was also funny seeing a young Cop’s reaction to spotting Alopex and trying to report it to his Superior, only for her to wave it off (saying it would be too much paperwork).

Now since Casey and his feud with Hun taking up half of this Issue and the Turtles only appearing in 5 pages total (with the 3 pages setting up April and Casey’s mini-series and quickly foreshadowing the next big threat), the rest of the installment deals with the Shredder reuniting with the Foot and bringing Stockman into their ranks (much to Karai’s annoyance). Speaking of Shredder’s Chunin, we get our first glimpse of what Splinter saw in her during their fight a few issues back (where he saw that she had the potential to be more honorable than her Grandfather) as she questions Shredder’s motives. I can’t help but think that will come back to bite her as the Foot Leader is not one to forget anything.

Once again Mateus Santolouco does a fantastic job with the artwork, with the coloring by Ronda Pattison really complementing the visuals on the pages. I especially love the piece where Shredder replies to Karai’s question…with Vengeance, that was really well drawn and colored (Shredder has never looked so evil and threatening than here in this comic-series).

Overall this was another great installment of the IDW series, one that ties up one story-line while continually building up the main event, while also still hinting at things to come. And boy, does the next issue look like it is going to be a blast.

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Casey gets a win at last!

Another excellent Issue, filled with great moments of action and drama, as well as build up for the climatic clash with Shredder.

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