Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Issue #48 (Spoilers)

COMIC SERIES: IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ISSUE: #48

WRITERS/ARTIST: Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman/Corey Smith


The battle against Stockman’s swarm of Mousers and Fly-Borgs continues as the Turtles an Splinter finds themselves being chased out of their home, while their allies attempt to find some way of helping.


So this Issue of TNMT is essentially one massive action scene as we follow the Turtles and Splinter’s seemingly never-ending battle against Stockman’s Swarm, only cutting away for a few pages to show either our Heroes allies or enemies. But even though there are not much progression in this story’s overall plot, that is not to say that there is nothing to enjoy here. Far from it actually, because the action here is excellent, while still finding the time to give us hints and foreboding for the future as well.

This was a really intense read as the Turtles found themselves under constant attack, with little to no possibility of lull or break in sight. And nearly every Turtle gets a moment to shine (Raph being the only one left out, unless you count his nearly being drowned by Fly-Borgs) with Leo once again showing his keen Leadership and tactical mind, Donny’s increasingly impressive abilities whilst using Metal-head (including a funny scene with him transforming into a jet-ski for Splinter) and Mikey’s growing maturity showing when given responsibility to protect Donnie’s healing body (though his two cannon-ball maneuvers made me smile, especially the second after his aerial tussle with a Fly-Borg). It’s great to see that even during intense moments, we still get a little teasing and brotherly moments between the four (Like Mikey’s teasing Raph when they have to swim through the Sewer to escape the swarm).

We also get to see Angel/Nobody and Alopex quickly reenter the fight (since they helped out Casey in Issue #47) as Harold calls them in to help (I still laugh every time I read Donnie’s call-sign of ‘Duzmachines 84’), before the White-Fox gets a little more teasing over her ‘friendship’ with Raph.

Also there appears to be some treachery brewing in the Foot’s camp as Shredder reveals to Kitsune that Stockman will not be overstaying his welcome, while we get a hint that the Witch is also planning something of her own if the final shot of her is anything to go by (neither of these revelations were that much of surprise…especially the latter that has been foreshadowed previously along with the other deities).

But the biggest revelation was Old Hob breaking Hun out of Police Custody (that came as a big surprise to me, since I was hopping that would be the last we would see of Casey’s old Man) with help from Herman, which gave us some more scenes with the two Cops that we were introduced to in the previous chapter (can’t help but think that we will be seeing more of Detective Lewis and Johnson in the future).

Art-wise with Issue #48, Santolouco has taken a break, but that did not come as a negative since Corey Smith came back and did a wonderful job with all the pages, especially the action scenes (which there were a lot).

Overall this was still a very good addition to IDW‘s best series, even if it pretty much ended the same way as the Issue #47 did (with our heroes surrounded by Stockman’s swarm). Since the action was thrilling and intense, while still leaving some room to weave the plot threads of things to come in this particular story and whatever follows it.

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An intense and entertaining Issue!

Another strong outing for the Ninjas in a half-shell, that is still very entertaining despite only focusing on one event (the Turtles fight with Stockman's Swarm of Mousers and Fly-Borgs).

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