Review of TMNT Mutanimals #2

IDW’s TMNT continuity gets a brand new miniseries! This time around the focus is on the MUTANIMALS!!!! That’s right Old Hob, Mondo, Slash, Herman, and the others are in the spotlight!! Here’s TFG1Mike’s slightly SPOILER FILLED Review of Issue #2!

TMNT Mutanimals #2

Here we are once again, and yes I know it’s not lost on me that my review of Mutanimals #2 is wayyyyy late. Let’s just say I’ve been knocked around with a sledge hammer lately. However TMNT Mutanimals #2 has been released, and Paul Allor continues to impress me. In the first issue it was jam-packed with action, and a great start to the story. Here in issue #2 we build upon that with taking a look at the Mighty Mutanimals on their downtime.

TMNT Mutanimals #2 Page 1


Every writer that I have read on the main series or even the NEW Adventures book… has done such an amazing job for IDW. Granted the main title is Waltz, Eastman, and Curnow… however mini series like this one really show us what the other writers at IDW can do. Paul Allor continues to shine here. Seeing the Mighty Mutanimals on their down time really explores their characters, and I think that’s why we really needed and deserved this mini series! I love the interactions between Mondo, Herman, and Mutagen Man. Particularly Herman and Mondo. They are two VERY DIFFERENT characters. Herman is the military type, he never knows what to do with himself off the battlefield. He is constantly on the look out for anything that might come the Mutanimals way. Then there is Mondo Gecko. He’s the totally rad Gecko who can chill out whenever the situation isn’t dire. He can joke around and be serious all in two breaths. Seeing these two together after the battle is very awesome, because Herman is learning a thing or two from Mondo. That’s what really makes the writing so good in this issue…. The way the characters interact. I’m not gonna spoil what happens at the end of this issue, but I’ll say seeing the Mutanimals go up against The Null Group is very interesting. Then there’s Hob and Slash’s argument with each other about getting the job done one way or the other. Paul Allor has nailed these characters, and I’m so stoked for Issue #3!

TMNT Mutanimals #2 Page 2


Andy Kuhn and Nick Filardi are doing a bodacious job on the art and colors. Each character looks great. They really pop off the page during the action scenes. Then there is the downtime scenes where Kuhn really has to focus on the expressions of the characters. I was a bit skeptical on this side of the story, and how the art would be executed to add to the story. To my surprise Andy Kuhn really steps up and brings it with each character design. Filardi’s colors are spectacular. Look at Mutagen Man in the images I’ve included with my review. He looks super awesome, and more Mars Attackish than omg he’s a disgusting alien wannabe. I think my favorite action panel from this issue is below….. Where Slash fights off all the Null guys. That is just so badass!!!

TMNT Mutanimals #2 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

Mutanimals #2 is a very interesting read. It explores what The Mighty Mutanimals do on their downtime. You can get TMNT Mutanimals #2 now at your local comic shop, or digitally on Comixology. Can’t wait til issue #3 to see what happens next.

TMNT Mutanimals #2 Page 4

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The Mighty Mutanimals continue to kick ass!

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TMNT Mutanimals #2 brings you into the home of the mighty Mutanimals. It shows us more about each of the characters in the group, and it gives us some great action scenes with the Mutanimals Vs Null! If you have been reading the IDW TMNT continuity this is one series not to be missed!

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